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No greater satisfaction than working for yourself: One of Tarragindi’s best launches with UrbanX.

Burrell Property Group has launched today, making top performing Tarragindi agent, Jonah Burrell’s mission of running his own business a reality. The new agency emphasises a client-centric approach, dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and exceptional results, made possible through his partnership with UrbanX.

Running his own business was always the plan since Jonah’s first day in real estate 7 years ago. And when the time was right, he had the right partner in mind.

The partnership with UrbanX made developing and launching his brand easy, by providing first-class marketing and backend support. “It is important that our branding and image is managed by a company with the care of UrbanX. To date, the team has been attentive, helpful problem solvers. Issues have been overcome and resolved quickly, and it has been a great experience,” Jonah tells us.

Moving forward, the support will enable Jonah and his team to focus on client-centric operations and leverage his personal experience as a property investor. Reflecting on his journey, Jonah explains:

“I initially bought investment properties in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast and developed a keen interest in how the sales process works and how to best present and market a property to get the highest possible price. I wanted to learn the most important factors to gain the highest sales prices for my own property and to help others achieve the same results.

“A lack of control over the marketing and branding and the inability to ensure we had strong processes in place meant we could not guarantee nothing was skipped,” highlighted Jonah, expressing the frustrations that led to him breaking free.

Jonah’s passion for the industry stems from the joy of helping sellers achieve significant outcomes and guiding buyers to their dream homes. This passion extends to Burrell Property Group’s approach in providing best-in-class marketing and complete control over the sales process.

“The ability to ensure our marketing and branding is of the highest quality and having control of every step of the process means we know we can ensure we have done everything possible to get the highest sales price for our clients.”

As Jonah strides forward as the principal of Burrell Property Group, he’s most excited about consistently delivering on commitments made to clients by “standing behind my own brand and confidently speaking to our clients knowing they are talking to the principal, knowing we will do exactly what we say we are going to do.”

Encouraging other agents to consider their own business, Jonah advised, “I think they should take the plunge. I know myself from running my own business in the past, there is no greater satisfaction than working for yourself and standing behind your own venture.”

Burrell Property Group is set to redefine real estate standards, prioritising client success and offering an unparalleled, high-quality experience to Tarragindi and surrounds.


Visit the Burrell Property Group Website here.

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