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An agency that empowers agents to work for themselves, fully supported, under their own brand.

Why UrbanX?
UrbanX - Real Estate Professionals

We’re all about U.

Brand U

U are your brand. Create your own personalised look & design in collaboration with our in-house marketing team. Have your own signboards, business cards & website.

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More for U

U do the work, so U come first. Keep up to 85% of your GCI before anyone else dips their fingers into the cookie jar. Because U deserve more.

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Better for U

Comprehensive admin support, marketing, trust account, training and coaching. Plus full access to MyDesktop with RiTA Ai, Homepass, REA, Domain, RP Data, PriceFinder, DocuSign & everything else you need.

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Unique as U

Work wherever U want, whenever you want. Work from our co-working hub, the comfort of your own home, or even get your own space. The freedom is yours.

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Our Agents

Too good to be true, right?

When was the last time a buyer or seller came into your office?

Oh wait, they never do anymore.

We know that good agents are always on the move. Your phone is your office.

By utilising our CoWorking hub, you have the freedom to come & go as you please, work from home, or even get your own space with your A-team.

Either way, we save money on space, and pass the savings to you.

UrbanX - Real Estate Professionals

The best agents are joining us

and so should U.

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Agent Testimonials

“The real estate model is changing; It’s no longer about the franchise. UrbanX is an innovative platform that provides myself and the team with a personalised brand and comprehensive support which allows me to focus on what matters... listing and selling real estate.”

Luke RissmanUrbanX Agent

“I now have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever I want. UrbanX allows myself and the team to have complete freedom in how we work. UrbanX rewards those wanting to take the next step in their career; starting your own business rather than relying on a salary to survive.”

Ben WakelyUrbanX Agent

“I love that UrbanX allows me to be completely self-branded. I have the independence to run my own business with the support of a great team. Real Estate is a reputation business and by starting my brand I'm going all-in on my name. My success is no longer predicated on the reputation of an 'agency', but rather the reputation of my name, brand and team.”

Caroline BrownUrbanX Agent

“Personal development has always been a key factor in my success thus far in Real Estate. With one-on-one coaching sessions and optional weekly UrbanX lunch and learns, I'm able to further develop my skills day in, day out.”

Thomas CoussensUrbanX Agent
Butterfly Effect Foundation

The core guiding principle of UrbanX is the belief that one small act of kindness can lead to wide-reaching positive changes in people’s lives and across the community.

Our purpose is to end poverty and disadvantage affecting all young people.

“One small act of kindness can change lives.”

This is the future.

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