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Performing on stage to outperforming in the market: The Geelong Agency launches, powered by UrbanX 

Like many ambitious entrepreneurial agents, Nathan Brown embarked on his real estate career within a prominent “big brand.” However, it didn’t take long for him to recognise his potential for something greater. With a background as a professional singer and dancer, Nathan decided to take centre stage, offering a unique approach to his clients by infusing creativity and nurturing client relationships, all with the support of UrbanX. 


Nathan’s significant breakthrough occurred when he ventured into a farming area, taking the brand he worked for from having zero presence to becoming the market leader through sheer dedication and hard work. This achievement laid the foundation for his decision to launch The Geelong Agency. In Nathan’s words, “Building someone else’s brand from scratch and continuing to grow there in the future just didn’t make sense to me.” 


Ultimately, Nathan’s entrepreneurial spirit and his desire for creative autonomy played pivotal roles in his journey towards independence. With a strong support network and unwavering self-belief, he took the daring leap, as he aptly puts it, “If I couldn’t back myself, how could I expect others to back me?” 


One of the driving forces behind this venture was Nathan’s frustration with the lack of creative control and the restrictions imposed by franchise and corporate rules. As Nathan candidly expresses, “The inability to have full creative control, restrictions in assisting clients due to franchise/corporate rules and giving away a disproportionate amount of self-generated earnings” were his biggest frustrations. 


Nathan’s decision to partner with UrbanX was influenced by his close observation of their work, which he had followed closely through social media for some time. Nathan recognised that UrbanX was developing a platform where high-performing agents from across the country could find valuable support and confidently venture into business ownership. What appealed to him most was the assurance that this partnership would enable him to focus on his core strengths while relieving him of the complex backend responsibilities that often come with running a real estate business. 


According to Nathan, working alongside UrbanX made him feel “empowered” from the very beginning. He emphasises, “From the very first contact with UrbanX, I felt totally at ease knowing that the exceptional staff had my best interests at heart…They always went out of their way to ensure the smoothest possible launch in what could’ve been a very stressful time.” 


Backed by his dedicated team, including Olivia Weakley and Tai Ljubicic, with over 10 years of combined real estate experience, Nathan and his team bring a fresh approach to the industry, operating outside the norms with a creative flair and a focus on nurturing client relationships. As Nathan puts it, “The Geelong Agency dares to be different and is happy to challenge the industry if it means providing clients with the best possible service and outcome.” 


Now free from the traditional agency restraints, Nathan is most excited about his ability “to grow a business and have full creative control, and not only reap the rewards of hard work but also develop and empower all staff within The Geelong Agency to improve all aspects of their lives.” 


Together with UrbanX, Nathan and his team are poised to challenge industry norms and lead their clients into a new era of real estate success, driven by creativity, empowerment, and a relentless pursuit of exceptional service. 


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