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Turning Troy Vance’s Lifelong Dream into Reality: Vance Estate Agents and UrbanX 

Troy Vance, a seasoned real estate professional from the picturesque Nambucca Heads region, is fulfilling his entrepreneurial dream in the real estate world with the launch of Vance Estate Agents. With an impressive 23-year career in the industry, Troy, alongside his partner Elena, is bringing a fresh perspective to the real estate market through an exciting partnership with UrbanX. 


Troy’s journey from contemplating the idea of branching out to confidently taking the plunge has been a lifelong ambition. Early in his career, he envisioned the possibility of establishing his own real estate business, revealing, “In my twenties, I considered the idea of opening our own real estate business, but regrettably, it didn’t receive the support it needed”. Fast forward to today, he declares with unwavering confidence, “Now, I feel not only supported but also highly experienced and prepared.” 


To bring this ambitious dream to fruition, Troy chose UrbanX as a partner, a decision underpinned by shared values and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional client support. Troy fondly recalls his initial encounter with the UrbanX team, stating, “After the first meeting with UrbanX, I knew we were on the same page,” adding, “they are all passionate about what they do, exuding positivity and energy.”  


Right from the start, Troy’s decision proved to be spot-on, as he enthusiastically states, “We did not hesitate for even a minute that we made the right choice as the Onboarding team was amazing… They are professional and we feel strong support”.  


Troy’s motivation for entering the real estate industry lies in his desire to help people during one of the most pivotal times in their lives. Troy and Elena tell us, “We are both oriented to deliver the best service we can, because we simply love people and serving them…There is no amount of money which would make our team lie to clients”.  


Looking ahead, Troy and Elena have plans to foster a close-knit family of passionate real estate professionals under the Vance Estate Agents banner. Their vision extends to opening multiple offices across Australia, while they remain steadfast in their dedication to delivering top-notch service to their clients. 


For agents contemplating a similar journey of branching out and establishing their own business, Troy offers a valuable piece of advice: “Do not hesitate to contact UrbanX, they will expertly guide you through the entire process.” 


With unwavering passion, a wealth of experience, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Troy and Elena are unquestionably positioned to make a profound mark on the local real estate market. As they embark on this thrilling journey, we eagerly anticipate witnessing Troy’s entrepreneurial dream transform into a vivid reality. 

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