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Helen Saba, Five-Time ‘Agent of the Year,’ Ventures into a New Era with Saba Estate Agents and UrbanX

Helen Saba, a multi-award-winning agent, boasting five consecutive “Agent of the Year” titles across Brisbane suburbs, is now setting her sights on an even greater reward within her career. Faced with the frustration of inadequate control as a director of her own franchise, Helen has taken the bold leap towards establishing her own distinct identity in the real estate landscape. Teaming up with UrbanX, Helen has brought Saba Estate Agents to life. 

Helen’s decision to build her own business was rooted in the longing to operate a business that mirrors her own ethics. In her own words, Helen states, “I have always longed to start a new business model where I can mould it according to my values”. She continued, “I am a creative and caring person, with no hesitation to go far and beyond the norms of nurturing and servicing clients”.  

While at the helm of her franchised agency, Helen found herself wrestling with a lack of direct decision-making authority. Coupled with insufficient support, this forced her to compromise her service standards and core values. Helen candidly shares, “My biggest were the lack of support from the franchisor, competition from the same brand for business in my market, and the not fitting in with the culture and values.” 

Enter the partnership with UrbanX.  

Helen explains her choice, “Amongst so many options and partners, the UrbanX model did resonate with me. It provides me with a platform to build my new business with my own imagination and identity, supports me to create a career path with no limits or boundaries and offers expertise in many areas that I could not do myself”.    

Helen’s experience with UrbanX, has “surpassed her wildest expectations”. Now officially running her own brand under her name, Helen is most excited about, “creating a career path with no limits of freedom and creativity”.  

She continues, “My business can now only be measured and compared against my own values and parameters”.  

When asked about how long it took for her to transition from contemplation to action, she candidly replied, “I have been thinking about it for a long time. I had doubts and fears.”  

However, a moment of inspiration arrived when a close friend shared with her the words of Ratan Tata:  

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.”  

“This gave me the last final kick… And of course, the ongoing support and consistent encouragement from UrbanX also motivated me to take the opportunity”.  

Helen offers this advice for other agents wrestling with the fear of building their own brand: “The excuses and fears are always going to be there…but just do it!!!“.

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