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A Catalyst For Positive Change: New Haus Agency Launches With UrbanX

After several successful years in Hobart Real Estate, Ed McKay recognised an unmet need in the market – a demand for an agency that focuses on sustainability and embracing the power of the digital era. This realisation sparked a burning desire within Ed to partner with UrbanX and create a brand that leads the way towards a greener and better future for Tasmania. 

Building his own agency has always been Ed’s aspiration, and his growing frustrations further fuelled this determination. Ed said that under the traditional model, he was too limited in control, specifically the “lack of control over influencing policies and procedures, no control over team culture, and no flexibility with marketing initiatives”. This stifled Ed’s creativity and vision, leaving him yearning for more. 

Motivated by these challenges, Ed wasted no time in launching his own business with the unwavering support of his wife, Kelly (who handles the business’s operations). In just a few short months, New Haus Agency emerged as a powerful force. 

At New Haus Agency, the team firmly believes that sustainable practices are not merely an option but an essential part of responsible Real Estate. With buildings contributing to over 38% of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, the agency recognises the crucial role they play. As a result, they are committed to promoting environmentally friendly initiatives and integrating sustainability into their operations.  

When choosing a partner to power New Haus Agency, Ed was captivated by UrbanX’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to cutting-edge technology. However, what truly sealed the deal was UrbanX’s ability to handle all the backend and administrative support. Ed says, “Partnering with UrbanX gave me the ability to focus my intentions specifically on my clients and not have to worry about all the backend/admin support required”.  

Ed tells us, that his initial attraction to Real Estate was rooted in his “Connection to the community and passion for property.” He continued, “However, my ongoing attraction to the industry stems from my belief in the power of continual innovation…I am captivated by the opportunity to constantly evolve and create a dynamic and client-focused agency that redefines the Real Estate experience in Hobart”.  

Ed elaborated, “Having a love for the industry and my job, I wanted to provide Hobart with an opportunity to experience something a little different”. 

And for other agents looking to follow a similar path, Ed’s advice is simple: “What’s holding you back?” 

With his wife Kelly by his side and two property representatives, Ed looks forward to fostering a tight-knit team that shares the same vision of innovation, sustainability, and client-focused excellence. 

Join New Haus Agency as they embark on a journey towards a brighter and greener future for Tasmania’s Real Estate market, we look forward to watching the team foster a better tomorrow for Tasmania.  

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