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Dream homes paired with the best loans: The new Horizon for real estate.

For many buyers, purchasing property can be a stressful experience. The process can be disjointed and finding the best loan to secure a dream property is a mine field. But that’s set to change with the launch, in partnership with UrbanX, of Horizon Estate Agents. 


The forward-thinking approach of integrating finance and property sales is an extension of Horizon Finance and the brainchild of Managing Director Mark Turnball, and accomplished real estate agent, Taylor Foster.  


Horizon has been a trusted name for finance in the Cairns region for over 25 years, with over one billion of Real Estate transactions funded. Now, with the launch of Horizon Estate Agents, they’ve taken their expertise to a new level by offering an ‘all-in-one’ solution. They explain: 


“Horizon is distinctive by incorporating finance into the real estate purchase. Usually an afterthought of a property purchase, we uniquely combine both real estate and finance so we are able to assist our clients to maximise their sale price with offers from qualified finance approved purchasers. This provides our sellers with a superior sales result in conjunction with a quicker and less stressful experience.” 


Horizon’s choice to partner with UrbanX was a strategic move, driven by a shared commitment to exceptional service and support. Mark and Taylor speak highly of their partnership, stating, “UrbanX provides an incredible level of support that can be relied on day in and day out…Their support professionals are experienced and knowledgeable and provide us with the confidence to concentrate on providing superior outcomes for our customers.”  


They continue, “We have just started but so far they have been amazing and have always done what they have said they will do.”  


When Taylor was asked about the frustrations he faced operating under the traditional agency model, he said, “Prior to branching out I was frustrated by the agency’s lack of adaptability…It was a one-size-fits-all model, and it was hard to have ideas that you couldn’t use.”  


With his newfound creative control, Taylor says he is most excited about, “Work flexibility, but most importantly, having my own brand with my ideas. We aren’t forced to fit into a model that doesn’t work for us.” 


Mark, no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship, found fresh inspiration in his leap into another venture, explaining, “The flexibility to make decisions aligning with my career aspirations was a major factor. Being self-employed means my success hinges on my own actions, which, far from being daunting, fills me with excitement.” 


“We are big believers in backing yourself. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something and when the going inevitably gets tough… push harder as the rewards are worth it!”  


From helping their clients discover their dream home to securing their ideal loan, Horizon can do it all. As this partnership reshapes the client experience, UrbanX is excited to work alongside the team and discover new horizons. 

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