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Raising The Bar: Gill Barr launches Barr Estate Agents with UrbanX

Fuelled by a commitment to her values and a refusal to be confined by the constraints of her previous agency, Gill Barr has embarked on a new journey – with the launch of her namesake Barr Estate Agents in partnership with UrbanX.


Driven by a genuine dedication to upholding her values, Gill’s decision to break free from established norms was rooted in a refusal to compromise her morals. Her driving force lies in her aspiration for clients to choose her agency based on genuine trust and ethical practices, rather than being swayed by empty promises. “I want people to want to sell with me because I am doing the right thing by others, not filling their heads full of largely inflated prices to get the listing” she says.


When asked about her choice to collaborate with UrbanX, Gill’s decision was a natural one. Having previously worked under a UrbanX-powered agency, she was no stranger to the team’s exceptional qualities. “The team is fully committed, professional, and very supportive,” Gill explains. Describing her experience working alongside UrbanX, as “Fantastic and easy.”


Despite the initial apprehensions that often accompany agents leaving behind the traditional model, Gill experienced her own share of concerns. “My only fear was breaking away…But it was easier than I feared,” she candidly admits. Gill continued, “I’m just happy to not be controlled in the way I work”.


With over three years of experience in the real estate industry, Gill’s journey to founding Barr Estate Agents has been both a fulfilling and transformative one. Reflecting on her entrance into the industry in 2020, she remarks, “I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner; it is all my passions in one job – meeting people, houses, challenges, negotiations, delivering high-quality service, and helping others.”


When prompted to offer insights to fellow agents contemplating a similar leap towards greater independence and control, Gill’s advice centres on authenticity: “Be yourself and don’t hide behind a brand that you don’t believe in. Always believe in what you are selling, as the public is your audience. Be transparent, honest, and hardworking – it will pay off… Especially if you have the support of UrbanX behind you.”


With the launch of Barr Estate Agents, Gill is able to construct an agency that not only aligns with her principles but also champions unwavering support for her clients. As the new agency continues to gain momentum, we are confident that the agency will not only set new benchmarks for authentic selling but also elevate the standards in the market.

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