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Unleashing Potential: UrbanX Empowers Louise Denisenko to Break Free from Franchise Constraints.

With over a decade of experience working under franchise-branded agencies, Louise Denisenko has realised the higher potential for growth and success that comes with stepping out from the franchise model. Now, the Redlands local has launched her own boutique agency, Redlands Coast Properties, in partnership with UrbanX. 

By partnering with UrbanX, Louise has access to a premium platform that allows her to be her own boss, build her own brand, earn more commission, and keep more of it while also having more time to live her life.  

Louise highlights that the decision to partner with UrbanX was based on the company’s comprehensive support. She further states that since joining forces with UrbanX, the team have been nothing short of “very helpful and supportive”. 

After working for two of the biggest brands in the industry, Louise saw an opportunity to make a bigger impact on the market and her clients, without being constrained by someone else’s rules.  

Louise tells us, “I am so excited about having my own positive culture and office space to encourage and nurture my people to always grow and be the best they can be…As well as being in control of my own destiny and accountability”. 

Louise’s genuine love and passion for real estate is also what helped her get into the position she’s in. She tells us, “I have the drive, energy, and passion so thought it was time to build my own business… Every buyer and seller has a story and no one day is the same I wake up every day excited and loving what I do!”. 

And Louise’s advice to other agents on the fence about making the same leap? Louise says, “If you’re serious about being a full-time agent and are business minded then take the leap sooner rather than later to break away from the old-style franchise models…People list with people, not brands!”.  

With the newfound freedom and the support of UrbanX, Redlands Coast Properties has hit the ground running. And with no more red tape holding her back, Louise is set to embark on an exciting adventure where her creativity and business knows no bounds. 

Visit Redlands Coast Properties website here

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