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How does Alex Jordan consistently hit $10M GCI? Find out here.

#1 agent in Queensland, Alex Jordan, an agent consistently writing $10M+ GCI with over 20 years experience, shared his formula with the UrbanX network at our recent XCON 2023 event. 


He shared the way he was able to dominate his market and gradually grow his dominance into surrounding areas. Here’s the top 5 takeaways you can apply to your patch:


  1. Focus on one market first. When Alex first entered Real Estate he tried to target a market with over 20,000 properties and failed. He then had a laser focus on a smaller pocket of a suburb with just 770 properties. This is where he found his first taste of success, selling units and apartments. When he got his first chance to sell a house – he succeeded in getting a record sale then milked that property to prospect in his pocket for all it was worth. Alex and his team now work in over 5 neighbouring suburbs but he built his reputation on this small pocket first.
  2. Consistency and quality prevails. Alex vowed to keep a consistent profile in his area whilst always providing quality service. Consistent marketing in your area will never convince vendors to list with you but it will ensure you are on their shopping list. This consistency helped him grow from 0-68% market share.
  3. Marketing on all fronts. From print to digital and outdoor advertising, Alex invests heavily in his marketing. He noted that he recently spent up to $40,000 on his yearly market reports, and levels up by hiring a copywriter to put together the latest edition. In addition to monthly suburb reports, he delivers quarterly market updates along with  just listed and just sold letterbox drops.This, coupled with targeted digital ads and heavy investment into outdoor advertising, means that if you live in Alex’s core suburbs, you definitely can’t miss him.
  4. Branding that always has his name front and centre. Although working with a team of 5+ his name is ALWAYS first on each and every single listing (more on how he handles that in his next tip). This provides personal consistency that allows his brand to lead the way, building credibility that all of his vendors are listing with a proven and trusted partner.
  5. Reward your team well. Alex explains how he handles his team and the way he rewards them is very different than you would expect in a normal office. Each Agent has their own suburb that they operate in, however regardless of where a listing or sale comes from, if a property sells within his team in their suburb, they get the same commission rate regardless of its source. With his team operating this way it allows him to focus on the things that matter – listing and selling as much property as possible.
    And it must be working – he has never lost a team member in his team to any competitors (in fact, the only team members he’s lost are due to a move interstate!).


Alex’s track record of success speaks for itself but finding out what drives that success is even more important.

The consistent theme? CONSISTENCY. He didn’t speak about ‘hacks’ or ‘a special trick’, or shortcut, just consistently marketing his brand in his core suburbs.  

And who could sum it better than Alex himself: “Agents will come and go, but being consistent and present will build a strong profile and make you a compelling option to homeowners…. Your marketing won’t convince them to sell. But your consistency will ensure you are on the shopping list.”

So, how consistent is your marketing? This simple change may be the key to unlocking millions in GCI.

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