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It’s time to shine. Find out which agent has launched her namesake agency.

Leanne Gillam, a natural-born entrepreneur, has always possessed a deep passion for business. After 8 years of working as an agent and co-founding an agency, Leanne has taken the step to do things her way, launching Leanne Gillam Real Estate with the support of UrbanX. 

So why the move to her own agency? Leanne explained that while working at her previous agency, which she co-founded and was the principal of, one of the primary sources of frustration was having a business partner with vastly different ideas than her own. “It was challenging to align our visions for the agency and how we wanted to serve our clients”.  

Now Leanne can call all the shots, and move her business in the direction she believes in. 

Another major consideration for the move was addressing the huge piles of admin tasks she, like many agents, was facing. Leanne found herself burdened with administrative tasks that distracted her from her ability to focus on her clients.  

Determined to take control of her career and create an agency where she could focus her full time and energy to her clients, Leanne knew the best decision would be to partner with UrbanX to drive this move.  

She says, “UrbanX gives me the freedom to do what I do best, list and sell homes with excellent customer care… They are well above expectations.” She continues to say: 

“UrbanX are streamlined, efficient, and very helpful…All the staff have been very friendly and nothing is a bother. They have excellent product knowledge and I am definitely in great hands”.  

And Leanne knows about property. At the age of 19, alongside her husband, Leanne started their own construction business in Toowoomba. After 28 years of working together, she found herself drawn to the world of real estate.  She says, “I loved homes, people, and great conversations, so it was an easy career change for me”.  

Despite finding success as an agent, Leanne felt limited by her inability to fully control her reputation and the service she provided her clients under an agency. This lack of autonomy ultimately led her to founding her own agency, she says, “I struggled with not owning the reins to my business and controlling my profile and how I like to service my clients”.  

But what sets Leanne’s agency apart from the rest? Beyond the bold and distinctive pink branding, Leanne’s unique approach to business is centred around people and empathy. She believes that success comes from putting clients first and prioritising their needs above all else. As she puts it, “It’s not all about egos and I, I, I… My commitment doesn’t stop at signing the contract.” 

With full control over her new business, Leanne is most excited about expanding her services with confidence, without sacrificing her commitment to quality service. 

For those considering their own agency, Leanne offers a simple yet powerful message:  

“Go for it, you definitely won’t regret the decision.”  

With her inspiring drive and commitment to client care, Leanne Gillam Real Estate is sure to make a lasting impact in the Toowoomba real estate market. 

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