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Finding Freedom: From a major franchise to his own brand, this agent is making moves in Mudgee.

Ben Reynolds, fuelled by his long-time dream of making a mark in the real estate industry, has made the leap and launched Reynolds Estate Agents in partnership with UrbanX.

Based in the stunning Mudgee region in rural NSW, Ben has earned a stellar reputation as one of the most respected agents in the area. As a result, he has decided to make the move from McGrath and leverage his own name to bring guaranteed exceptional service to his clients. 

Ben was drawn to the unique service offerings that come with a partnership with UrbanX. Specifically, the opportunity to be his own boss, build his own brand, increase his commission earnings, and have more control over his work-life balance. 

Ben also had a personal motivation behind this decision – the desire to carry on his legacy and provide more security for his two young boys and wife, creating a sustainable income that would benefit his family in the long run.

The decision to become a director is not an easy one and is certainly not for everyone, but for Ben, it was a necessary step toward achieving his goals. 

His decision to partner with UrbanX, however, was a no-brainer. He tells us, “The process of working with the UrbanX team has been excellent, I couldn’t recommend them more highly…UrbanX is professional in all aspects.”

With UrbanX, Ben has found a supportive network that allowed him to grow as a professional and a person. As a result, Ben is now living the life he always dreamed of, with the freedom to work on his terms.

Ben’s passion for real estate led him to enter the industry in 2016, following his career in Workplace Health & Safety. He recalls, “I have always had a strong interest in real estate, and I genuinely love helping people with their biggest asset.”

With a passion for providing exceptional service and a commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations, we are sure Reynolds Estate Agents is set to become the go-to destination for all of Mudgee’s real estate needs.

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