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From the AREC stage to centre stage – HANAN has launched

From commercial fisherman to luxury million-dollar agent, Hanan Cawley is bringing a new era of excellence to the Gold Coast’s real estate market. Ranked amongst the top 1% of agents nationwide, Hanan has made a name for himself and now, partnering with UrbanX, his name will be front and centre.

Born out of a passion for luxury, world-class customer service, and attention to detail HANAN is set to shake up the Gold Coast market. 

And wherever Hanan goes, success is sure to follow. 

Joining the industry just six years ago it didn’t take long for him leave a mark. With the initial attraction to real estate being the “freedom and flexibility that came with the job, uncapped earning potential, and the relationships, people and luxury,” Hanan made his first $1m in the first year on the job.

But that wasn’t enough. Drawn to the incredible property and lifestyle of the Gold Coast, he relocated and again, starting from scratch, did his second $1m GCI within 12 months. 

His dedication to prospecting, relationship building, and hard work paid off.  He’s the youngest agent ever to achieve the coveted Harcourts Network Titanium Achiever Award, and just last year, Hanan was selected to speak at the prestigious AREC event on the Gold Coast, sharing the stage with only 11 of Australia’s top agents. 

Hanan’s experience in the real estate industry has pushed him to discover the limits of his career potential beyond agency life. Driven by this passion and the drive to pursue greater freedom and control, he overcame his fear about branching out. “I used to think that people only wanted to list with a big brand, which isn’t true. People list with people.”

So, it comes as no surprise that Hanan has launched his own agency.

According to Hanan, he chose to partner with UrbanX due to the platform’s support, stating they “make the jump so easy.” He continues, “The UrbanX team has been amazing… I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.”

He adds that one of the most challenging aspects of being an agent is “being on 24/7 whilst maintaining a balance.” With the support of UrbanX he’ll be able to free his time up and focus on what really matters – dollar productive activities.

Now with his own agency and a burning desire to create a lasting legacy, Hanan sees a major gap in the market to fix one of his biggest frustrations under a large corporation. 

“There’s an inability to help agents grow their careers. There’s no property sales training,” he tells us. Not being one to sit on the sidelines, Hanan is eager to finally have the freedom to train and coach agents and is determined to give his team the tools they need to succeed.  

Hanan’s unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with his well-established reputation, guarantees that he will continue to drive growth and success for his new business.

Visit the HANAN website here

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