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Run a real estate agency to simplify life? Learn how these 3 mates have achieved just that.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story that being the principal of a real estate agency can be hell.

In fact, the term of joining the “2am Club” is often thrown around to describe the late, sleepless nights that come along with managing a real estate business. But as Jesse Wilton, Tom Lemke, and Nick Stewart have discovered, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Launching Wilton Lemke Stewart in partnership with UrbanX, Jesse Wilton explains, “This was a merge of two business, we made the decision to simplify our lives and rather than go it alone we wanted to share the rewards of being business owners.”

With Jesse and Tom leaving their director positions at PRD Newcastle, and Nick moving away from directing his family-owned Century 21 office, the trio decided to combine their 25 years of experience and form their own brand to bring a unique service offering to their clients.

“We want to simplify the experience for our clients. There is always noise about the ‘next best business tool’ for agencies and agents but in the end we broke it down to putting the client first and whether they are a buyer or a seller and what would they really want from us, hence why we will be putting customer service at the forefront of our business.”

Nick Stewart adds, “We simplify things, when it comes to strategy it is all about attention to detail, not complexity… We talk in terms that the consumer understands, and we get results in fast and slow markets.”

And just as they are simplifying life for their clients, they are doing the same for themselves.

Wilton Lemke Stewart live by the motto ‘Simple, done well’ and it’s what attracted them to UrbanX. Having all the backend administration, software, trust accounting, marketing support taken care of made the decision a simple one.

While it was daunting initially for the team to work outside of a large corporate franchise, the top Newcastle agents stated that UrbanX allows them to do what most agents chase for their entire career, “more money and more time,” and as Jesse articulates, “It helps provide a flexible and attractive lifestyle for me and my family.”

When asked how the team’s experience has been so far in building their brand, Jesse tells us it’s been “seamless. It’s not easy getting a business up and running but with UrbanX’s systems we haven’t missed a step.”

Nick agrees. “As someone who has been part of many onboarding experiences with different software over the last 10 years, I was super impressed with our experience and the whole UrbanX team. The process was set up so that we didn’t have to think too far in advance, UrbanX had our backs with everything.”

Real estate can be a demanding industry, but for the WLS team, it’s the celebration of wins with clients, the flexible lifestyle, and the constant learning that keeps them passionate about their work. According to the team, they love nothing more than “Hearing the joy in the voice of a seller when you let them know that you were able to eclipse their expectations.”

As Wilton Lemke Stewart embarks on this exciting new chapter, we look forward to supporting them to build their brand, improve their lifestyle and build the future they deserve.

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