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These top Sydney agents are stepping UP!

The Northern Beaches of Sydney beware… Chris Aldren and Tulo Sila have joined forces to launch The North Agency, in partnership with UrbanX, and are set to seriously step up the real estate game.

Having honed their skills over a combined 43 years, the pair felt that they had reached the peak of their careers and went searching for more. After exploring their options, including buying into the office they were working at, their search led them to starting their own agency.

“We are The North,” Chris tells us. “We have grown up in the Northern Beaches, we’ve built our careers here, we’ve built lasting relationships here, and now we’re raising our families here.”

The idea of building their business began in 2021, when they started to reflect on their next career move. They were tired of leaving so much money on the table instead of bringing it home to their families, and felt the pressure to conform to acting like real estate agents at work.

As Tulo explains, that shouldn’t be the case. “Being an agent often has two faces; the expected work version and your private version, and often the two are very different.

“Real estate is about connecting with people. Communicating and understanding their needs to provide the best service and to help them achieve their goals, and we found the best way to do this is to be your authentic self. It’s why people love working with us; we are who we are, we’re serious about the outcome but we love to have a laugh as well.”

This approach is evident with The North’s philosophy: transparency, integrity and results.

Their mission is to exceed expectations in customer service and revolutionise the industry, providing a remarkable experience for both buyers and sellers, helping along the entire journey. And this too is where The North found a connection with UrbanX.

The decision for the team to partner with UrbanX was simple, they wanted a stress free and supportive transition, as well as support as they grow.

“Working with UrbanX has been seamless. The team have been awesome to deal with, nothing is too hard. They have been attentive and the willingness to help and feel valued is there 1000 times over.”

Tulo and Chris have proved that people do business with people – with 5 of their current team joining them on the journey. But they’re not stopping there.

“The potential of growing from 7 staff to 20 and having to move offices as it becomes a place where agents want to work, will be proof that we’ve created a business that people like and respect.”

UrbanX is looking forward to watching The North reach their goals, and we have a feeling it won’t take long!

Visit The North website here

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