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Introducing Goda & Co: Cham Departs from Previous Team to Establish His Own Agency

Despite his concerns about leaving behind the relationships he had formed over the years, Cham received an unexpected outpouring of support from his former team. As Cham tells us, “The biggest fear was having to leave the team I had created over the last few years and not being there to support them anymore. However, soon after I had announced to everyone that I had decided to give life to Goda & Co, I received full support from everyone I can think of.”

With his passion for helping people and his desire to build his own legacy, Cham partnered with UrbanX to fulfil his purpose on a larger scale. According to Cham, “After a lot of research and talking to other agency owners who are partnered with UrbanX, it was an easy decision that UrbanX led the way in how the future of real estate agencies operate… To be the best, you have to be surrounded by the best.”

Partnering with UrbanX, was an easy decision for Cham due to their shared values and vision for success. Cham’s focus is on quality over quantity, with a belief that exceeding clients’ expectations should be a top priority for real estate agents. As Cham emphasised, “From the beginning, I have believed that the real estate industry as a whole can lift the bar much higher if real estate agents had their intentions set to exceed clients’ expectations.”

With the support and guidance of UrbanX, Cham is poised to make a significant impact in the Forest Lake real estate market. As Cham says, “So far working with UrbanX has been an amazing journey. I have been well-supported and guided through the whole process.” Working with UrbanX allows Cham to focus his energy on client support and paving the way for a brighter future in the real estate industry.

As Cham says, “The moment you find your purpose and why you want to build your own business, the process is easy. My advice is to find the best people who can help you to fulfil your purpose…Be surrounded by people who are constantly evolving to be the best in what they do.”

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