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3 Ways High-Performing Agents Can Increase Their Income

According to the latest Property Market Outlook Report, prices will continue to fall this year and turnover will continue to reduce as there’s less buyers in the market. 

And it appears that no market is safe. Prices are forecasted to decline across all capital cities in 2023, with the largest falls expected in Sydney, 8% to 11%; Brisbane, 8% to 11%; Canberra, 8% to 11%; Melbourne, 7% to -10%; and Hobart, 7% to 10%. 

The great news is, though, that you don’t have to feel the decline in sales as a decline in income. If you act soon, grab the wheel and take control of your income.

Below are 3 ways, with practical examples, you can protect your income now and build wealth in the long run.  


      1. Keep more of your commission. 

This sounds simple, yet so few established real estate agents are willing to have tough discussions with their boss. Use the same negotiating skills you bring to your property sales and apply them for you and your family’s wealth. Every percentage point you claw back means more money in your pocket.  

The graph below shows the difference in income you receive at 50% split, vs 75-90%. 

Some examples of improved commission splits, and what it means for you. 

GCI: $500,000

Split: 10% to franchise, 50% to office, 40% to you

Your income: $225,000

Your income if you work for yourself & keep 80% of 100%: $400,000.

Difference: $175,000 MORE FOR YOU



GCI: $1,000,000

Split: 10% to franchise, 40% to office, 50% to you

Your income: $500,000

Your income if you work for yourself & keep 85% of 100%: $850,000.

Difference: $350,000 MORE FOR YOU



GCI: $2,000,000

Split: 10% to franchise, 30% to office, 60% to you

Your income: $1,200,000

Your income if you work for yourself & keep 90% of 100%: $1,800,000.

Difference: $600,000 MORE FOR YOU


You can do this calculation using your own GCI figures here.


      2. Grow your market share. 

We know what you’re thinking… grow during a decline?! Are you serious? We are, and we have years of experience that shows now is the time you can do just that. While the majority of agents are reducing marketing spend, burying their heads in the sand, and with many thousands of agents predicted to leave the industry altogether, now is the time to stand out and step up.  

And if you do, the rewards can be huge (and the best way to do that is to build your own brand, so all the marketing builds your name and reputation!)

The example above, based on $1m GCI, continued: 

Grow your GCI to $1,500,000 

If you didn’t negotiate and were left on a 10/40/50 split, you’d lose $750,000. 

Your income: $750,000 

Your income if you work for yourself & keep 85% of 100%: $1,275,000 

Difference: $525,000 


      3. Invest your additional income into growth assets 

Investing in growth assets like shares and property is one of the best ways to grow your long term wealth, compounding your money as each year goes by. By staying disciplined and regularly investing, you can set yourself and your family up for life.   

The example, continued 

If you were to take that extra $525,000 per year (for just 1 year) and put it into a growth asset like property or shares, the average return over the last 10 years in both has been ~6.5% p.a. 

That one-off investment could be worth $940,195 in 10 years! 

But, if you were to invest the extra $525,000 every year for 10 years, that could be worth $7.8M.
(based on the average returns from the last 10 years). 

You can do this calculation for yourself here. 

Not convinced? 

For those of you who are reading this and thinking the advice only applies at higher income levels, think again. The discipline of using your money wisely (not spending it on cars, material goods or things you don’t need) can reap rewards at any income level.  

Using the example above, based on a $250,000 GCI, with a 25/75 split, you’ll be $62,500 better off each year. Invest that each year over 10 years, and you could end up with almost $1,000,000 in cash. 

So what now? 

Start believing in yourself and getting what you deserve! Speak to your boss and argue your case for a better split (tip: go equipped with a list of all the listing and sales you’ve brought in). If they say no, which they probably will, explore your options. 

If you’re an agent with a record of $250,000 GCI per year for the past 3 years, UrbanX can help you start your own brand and business, with no upfront costs, monthly fees, ongoing overheads or risk.  

Whatever you decide, the decision you make today will have a profound effect on your future. And you may either look back on this time and thank yourself for making the leap of faith or regret you hadn’t. 

And remember, the longer you wait the more you lose. 

Important note: None of the above is financial advice, and you should do your own research & use the calculators to work out for yourself how much better off you’ll be working for yourself. 


Ready to make the move, but fear is holding you back? 

The common fears/questions/excuses we hear are listed below and the way that our partners have reconciled them. Take a look and while you do, consider that the most common regret we hear is “I wish I’d done it sooner.” 


I’m with a good brand in my area & people call the office. 

The reality is, people list with people, not a real estate brand. Imagine if no agents worked for your current office… would people still call the office? Of course not! 

And have a look at all the best agents; they all work for themselves (and left another brand where they previously worked). Think of Josh Tesolin, Gavin Rubenstein, Alexander Phillips, David Highland, Monika Tu, Michael Kollosche, Marty Fox, every UrbanX agent, the list goes on…. 

You’re not alone in this concern, and just about every agent we work with had the same fear. But once they’ve started their own brand, and focus on marketing themselves instead of someone else’s agency, the average growth in the first year is 38%, and the average growth in the second year is 140% (i.e. they double within 2 years). 


I’m friends with my colleagues. 

Great, so wouldn’t they be happy for you if you took your career to the next level? Because true friends would be! And even if they weren’t, in 10 years’ time, are you happy to have paid millions for those friendships? 

While this may not apply in every case, many agents we work with said they were friends with their boss’ before, and then when they’ve left, they realised they weren’t a true friend at all… they were just “friends” with the millions that you’re going to earn them over the next decade. 

And for those who were real friends, they’ve been amazed at how supportive their boss was to see them take the next step in their career. Remember, many great principals become mentors, and mentors love to see those they guide succeed! 

As a recent example, one of our agents was holding off the discussion with her principal for her fear of his reaction. She took our advice – “have the conversation and you’ll get your answer”:  

  • If they react negatively, make you feel small, and are confrontational – it’s a sign you’ve made the right decision, as they clearly don’t have your best interest at heart. 
  • On the other hand, if they are happy for you, supportive and give their blessing – it’s also a sign you’ve made the right decision!

What if I fail? 

The chances of you failing are zero, and our track record of agents thriving once they back themselves is phenomenal. UrbanX gives you all the expert teams, tools, and technology to succeed.  

If hypothetically you don’t grow, or go backwards the huge uplift in comm split means you’ll still earn more than you do now anyway

To illustrate, say you were earning $500k GCI in 2022 and in 2023 that drops 25% to $375k. Under a franchise model where you take home 50% of that income, you stand to take home $187,500 – however with that 25% drop in GCI with UrbanX you’ll take home $281,250. 

And at the very worst case, you realise it’s not for you, you can go back to any franchise you like. One, because we don’t have lock in contracts, and two, because at $500k GCI you’re an attractive agent for anyone. 


Isn’t it hard to start a business? 

It can be. But not with UrbanX. The truth is, this is exactly why we exist.  

In essence, we take all the pain away from running your own business. We partner with you to design your own branding, website, and ongoing marketing, we manage all of the listing & contract administration, we run the trust account & handle all of the VPA, deposits, settlements, and even payroll for your team, we provide all the software you need, and we provide high-level training every month.  You just list & sell, and we do the rest.   

We can get into more detail on this when you’re ready… so, are you? 

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