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Real is Rare: Rebecca Rainford launches Rarestate

Rebecca Rainford launches Rarestate in partnership with UrbanX.

Rebecca Rainford’s goal isn’t to be number 1 in robotic, conveyer-belt transactions, her mission is connection, passion and giving more love to the community. Now, with the power of UrbanX Rebecca is paving her own way, leaving behind the constraints of the traditional agency model and founding her own brand, Rarestate.

Born from the values of relationships, authenticity, resilience, and enthusiasm, Rarestate came to light due to Rebecca identifying an unmet need in the market – the strong demand for authentic real estate agents.

Rebecca says, “I have seen a huge gap in this industry that needs to be met…I feel values are very important in life and because mine are very strong, I felt it called me to pursue my purpose by being a genuine human being first, and a real estate agent second.”

To turn her dream into a reality, Rebecca aligned most with UrbanX to help empower this move. Rebecca explains, “I was always very keen on partnering with a firm that would just look after all the administration side of things so I could focus on what I absolutely love, which is building relationships and serving my clients with the best possible customer service.”

When weighing up the best partner, Rebecca was looking at a solid track record and importantly, great energy. She found both in UrbanX, as she explains on her experience to date:

“Great administration and marketing assistance…Great energy as well, and that was a big decision-maker for me.”

With a deep desire to infuse her good intentions into the community, starting her own agency was always on the cards. “I believe that your life is already mapped out for us all, there are just many routes to get you to your destination. I believe all my past experiences have brought me to this decision and the time is now.”

So, what initially attracted Rebecca to real estate? She says, “I absolutely love the feeling of helping others and contributing positive energy out into the world. I found real estate was a great way to build trusting relationships…I never got into real estate for the hunger of money or how many sales I could achieve, for me it’s always been the passion for delivering on my purpose, which is having a genuine love and desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Rebecca continues, “What I love the most is the satisfaction and joy on my client’s faces when a desired result is achieved and the knowledge that the result is based on true values of honest negotiation, being authentic, resilient to getting the job done with ultimate energy.”

It is clear that for Rebecca, real estate isn’t just a job but her life purpose and UrbanX looks forward to supporting Rarestate to add positive energy to the Northern Gold Coast real estate community.

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