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Stuart Southwell joins UrbanX to launch Southwell Property

Stuart Southwell joins partnership with UrbanX for the “sharp and efficient systems”.

Stuart Southwell, the founder of Southwell Property, has a strong track record of achieving outstanding results in rural, residential, and commercial property transactions. Based in Tamworth NSW, the award-winning agent has now officially left the traditional agency model to form his own agency in a ‘no-nonsense’ fashion.

After 11 years of experience in real estate, Stuart one day realised he was never going to be satisfied operating under the traditional model.  According to Stuart, “When you know your craft you want to grow in your career as an agent, for me the next step was a business of my own”. Stuart continues, “I love that I am not stuck in someone else’s box. The buck stops with me and while that is a great responsibility it is also a motivating opportunity”.

When asked why he chose UrbanX to assist with pursuing his dream, Stuart says ” I know what I am good at and what I need help with. UrbanX Provides a system that keeps me out on the road in front of buyers and sellers. He then continues, “Sure I could hire and train my own team, but that takes time and energy and staff replacement could be a major hassle down the track. UrbanX solves all of that”.

Stuart’s experience so far working with UrbanX has been like a “duck to water”. He further comments that “There is clearly a large team at work behind me that turns out a lot of work very quickly. The systems are sharp and efficient. We are also teaching them a thing or two about selling farms!!!”.

Now that Stuart is operating under a brand he is proud of, what is his advice to other agents? “My advice is this: If you are confident in your craft and have developed a following… just do it. Step out from behind the flag (whatever colour it may be) and get started on the next journey”. He then continues, “Be prepared for a few late nights, but really, that never hurt anyone”.

Stuart’s new partnership with UrbanX now allows him to be proud of the name on the door and ensure every interaction for his clients is a positive one.

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