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Revolution Property Group with UrbanX

“UrbanX knows what agents want.” Revolution Property Group launch with the ‘Revolution’ of real estate. 

Revolution Property Group, founded by renowned Ipswich agents Corey Athanates, Dean Stenzel, and Corey Lindh have one mission, to dominate the Ipswich market. Committed to quality and first-class service, the Revolution Property Group team are confident in their ability to deliver superior results to their clients compared to their competition.

Having each entered the real estate industry at different stages, the team has a combined experience of 20 years selling in Ipswich and the surrounding areas. Sitting on the idea of breaking free from the traditional agency model for over a year, the group’s biggest frustrations were, “knowing that although we had good ‘sales businesses’ within the companies that we worked at, we never really had any control/ownership of the business.”

And UrbanX assisted with fixing just that. According to the group, they made the decision to partner with UrbanX in forming their own agency because “they absolutely know what agents want when they are setting up their own business.” They continue saying, “They take a lot of the legwork out of setting up a business, whilst still ensuring that the business owners have as much of the decision making as they want. It just felt like the right move for us, and so far, it has been an amazing move.”

And the group’s thoughts on the support the UrbanX team has provided so far? “We cannot fault them whatsoever… The process has been seamless, and at every step along the way, there is always someone there that can and will go above and beyond to help.”

Having come from well-established businesses and careers, the team was eager to have this displayed in their branding. When asked how they are unique, they say, “Coming from well-established businesses already, we feel that we have been able to take the best practices and processes from previous businesses and tweak them into our new business.” UrbanX was able to incorporate their heritage into the brand, as the team explain, “We’ve tried to portray this in our new branding, ultimately calling the business ‘Revolution Property Group’. The aspects of the branding are a clean and professional look, also adding a touch of prestige into the mix”.

Now that the team is on the path to building their own legacy, their advice to other agents is, “The grand old saying of ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ couldn’t be more true… There’s never a right or wrong time to take that leap into building your own business. The second you think you’re ready, take that leap of faith, and don’t look back… there’s always better things around the corner.”

UrbanX looks forward to watching the Revolution Property Group team ‘revolutionise’ the Ipswich property market and deliver superior service to their clients.

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