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Dobbs & Co Launches with UrbanX

Nathan Dobbs launches Dobbs & Co, in partnership with ‘the future of real estate’, UrbanX

Dobbs & Co., the newest agency to hit Coffs Harbour, is a specialised real estate agency set to build a strong reputation on the northern beaches. Founder Nathan Dobbs is known for his relaxed, approachable style and his noteworthy accomplishments in the sector. His genuine passion for both coastal properties and people has now inspired Nathan to form his own legacy.

When asked why he decided to start his own business rather than staying in the traditional agency model, Nathan says “I have watched friends of mine create successful businesses and a legacy for their family and this is something I decided I would like to try and create for my family.” Nathan continues, “The agency I worked for over the past ten years was run by a husband-and-wife team that I have a lot of admiration for and certainly a business that has driven my aspiration to create my own for the future.”

So, what made Nathan take the next step in his career and partner with UrbanX? “It’s a platform I have followed a couple of other agents’ journeys and watched their success and had nothing back but great feedback from them.” He goes on to say, “I feel the platform they offer is a great model and way of the future for real estate.”

As for his start in real estate, after years of working in trade and running a surf retail store, Nathan Dobbs decided to “follow his passion.” According to Nathan, “Houses and design have always been something of interest to me, combined with a passion for sales and service along with being able to help people”. He continues by saying that ultimately what attracted him to real estate was, “being able to assist people at all different stages in their life is rewarding, from first home buyers trying to enter the market all the way through to someone needing to downsize for their retirement.”

Much like other agents, the most challenging aspect of being a real estate agent is changing those perceptions that the community holds. Nathan said, “Like every industry, a few people can cause a lot to be tarred with the same brush. I’ve often mentioned to friends that they should look at getting into the industry, then breaking down what’s involved and the day-to-day activities and they get shocked.”

And how has his experience with UrbanX been? Nathan said, “Incredible. UrbanX are an amazing amount of support and the team are constantly checking in to see where things are up to, how can they assist further, bringing forward new ideas and concepts and delivering five-star service. It’s exciting knowing they will also provide this service to buyers and sellers on behalf of my brand in the future.”

Now that Nathan is paving his own future and legacy by partnering with UrbanX, it is safe to say we are all excited to see what the “future of real estate” has in store for him.

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