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Madden & Warwick partner with UrbanX

Nikki Warwick and Azrah Madden join forces and partner with UrbanX to change the stigma around real estate agents.

Founders of Madden & Warwick, Azrah Madden and Nikki Warwick aim to inspire positive and lasting impacts on clients and the community. Azrah and Nikki’s client care and generosity to the local community is at the core of their new business venue, ensuring they always act in line with their personal values.

When asked what made them consider launching their own business, Azrah brings this back to, “being able to align my goals, morals & values in a business that will give back as much as it takes”. For Nikki, she felt it was a “no-brainer”. Nikki continues, “this is a hard industry to be in and I would rather grind day after day for myself and my future”.

Now that Nikki and Azrah are free from the traditional agency model, Nikki is most excited “to make a difference in the community, seeing us being a top agent and knowing that anyone that encounters Madden & Warwick are going to love the experience”.  For Azrah, he hopes to “create change in the community and change the lens on how people see real estate agents”. Azrah continues by saying that real estate agents “always get a bad rap”, and that he takes pride in changing that perception “one relationship at a time”.

So, what made Nikki and Azrah choose UrbanX to empower this dream? Azrah says, “The simplicity of it all, the team has been flawless throughout the whole process and I would recommend them to anyone willing to take the next step”. Nikki’s experience partnering with Urbanx has been no different, stating her experience has been “amazing,” going on to say, “They have never once made us question or doubt if this is for us. I would recommend this process to anybody”.

Madden & Warwick have launched with a unique offering to their community and have officially teamed up with Goodna Street Life charity – An independent charity providing housing and support for the homeless and vulnerable people in their local community. They have made the commitment to donate 5% of every sale commission to support those in need and will continue to grow their portfolio of partnering charities in which sellers can choose where their donations go. When discussing what inspired this decision, Nikki says “We care, most agents say that, but I genuinely care about everyone and want the best for anybody that I encounter. We want to help the community not just the individual’.

Nikki and Azrah’s commitment to providing lasting impacts to their clients and the community is no empty promise. With the launch of Madden & Warwick truly living up to their motto of ‘Putting People First’.  And the partnership with UrbanX empowers them to do just that.

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