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The Mikronis family joins the UrbanX family

Instead of dreaming of what might have been, Team Mikronis Properties leave the traditional agency model for a brighter future with UrbanX.

Team Mikronis Properties, founded by the unique Mikronis family trio, brings a breath of fresh air and fun to the Redland City real estate scene. Having a combined experience of 45+ years in real estate, Angela, Spiros and Rebekah Mikronis aspire to stand out from your regular agents, with their quirky marketing style doing just that.

Prior to branching out on their own, Team Mikronis Properties’ biggest frustration operating under the traditional model was, “not being able to promote ourselves in the way we wanted to. We have a quirky advertising/ promotional style that we like to bring to the market, working under a traditional office structure was not conducive of that”. The team continues by saying, “The remuneration package from a traditionally run real estate office does not reflect the amount of work performed in the appraisal, list, sell and hours that are required for a successful sale of a property”.

Through partnering with UrbanX, the Mikronis family was able to create the perfect brand to represent them and how they wish to be perceived in the market. When asked what makes them and their branding unique, they say, “We are a family-owned and run office, our advertising and promotional style is not the stuffy corporate look most other offices put out there”.

So what has it been like working with UrbanX? “The staff are a nice change to the regular administration staff you usually deal with in a traditional office setting. No question or request is too hard for the team, they work hard to ensure your business grows and continues to grow. They honestly want to help you strive for the stars”.

Now having launched their own business, the leading director Angela Mikronis is most excited, “to make the name Mikronis be the 1st call when homeowners are looking to put their properties on the market. To educate the people in my core area that not all real estate agents are the same”.

When asked what their biggest challenge has been as real estate agents, Angela says, “Trying to make people understand that we are here to help. Real estate agents are considered low on the totem pole of trustworthy industries. I want people to see that we are not all the same, there are those of us who chose this career not as a get rich opportunity, but as a career they want to learn from and strive to make better, offering superior and honest service and make lifelong friends from”.

Since spreading their wings and leaving the traditional agency model, with the support of UrbanX, Team Mikronis Properties can now focus on what they do best and stop ‘dreaming of what might have been’ and execute on everything they want to be.

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