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Let’s Get Digital, Digital! I Wanna get Digital, Digital!

Want some results you can really sing (and dance) to? 

As you’ll know, more and more people are consuming media on their devices and the same holds true for property owners. Focusing your marketing efforts and budget in digital mediums (Facebook, Instagram, and Google) will increase your brand recognition in your key markets and get you a much greater ROI. 

There are many reasons for this advice, but the main one stems from marketing 101: Advertise where your target audience are most likely to see your brand.  

Are sellers on social, you ask? YES. We can throw a heap of data at you like this, this, and this, or you could ask yourself two questions: 

  1. Where do you consume your media? 
  2. What are you reading this on? 

Guessing the answer is digital devices, right?


Now, let’s look at some real numbers:  

A print vs a social campaign with a budget of $1095 (the cost to print 1000 x 8 page brochures). The black bars show a digital campaign we’re currently running, the red shows the impact of the brochure. 

The breakdown: 

Brochures – you’ll reach 1000 people. They may or may not look at it (we can’t track it). You’ve got one chance to deliver one message to one person. 

Social campaign – you’ll reach 54910 people. You’ll be seen 199,367 times, and we can tell you that 336 people engaged with your ad, clicking to your website, and we can add 3 or 4 messages to test what works.  

Would you like more info about why digital is strongly recommended? See below: 

  1. It is Cost-Effective 
  2. Easy to Measure Impact 
  3. Easy to Adjust  
  4. Great for Brand Development 
  5. Drives Active Engagement 
  6. Hyper Targeted 
  7. Less Intrusive 

 You can read a full summary in this article. 

IMPORTANT: Traditional Media is not dead!  

Getting the mix right will be key to your audience, and where you invest your marketing dollars should target your audience. You need to be strategic in what you choose and we know that the below print items work: 

  1. Billboards – own the billboards in your area, and you will be remembered 
  2. DL/A5 letterbox drops 
  3. VPA DLs – DO THIS! It’s paid for by the vendor, promotes your listings and your brand 
  4. Other local signage – buses, banners at schools, etc 
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