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Clare Estate Agents Launches With UrbanX

Turning A 5-Year Dream into Reality: Clare Estate Agents Launches With UrbanX 

It’s no secret that balancing motherhood and a successful career is no walk in the park. However, for Clare Dawson, it was this determination that drove the fundamentals that founded Clare Estate Agents. After 5 years thinking about breaking free from the traditional agency model, Clare launched with Urbanx in under 3 months.  

Starting her career as a 25-year-old mother of twins, attending interviews with one on each hip, Clare’s values were always at the forefront of her career decisions. “It’s really important to me to be fair, ethical, and a good person. Real estate can be a really tough industry; its competitive, income isn’t stable and there are multiple agents competing for the same listings and they don’t always play fair,” Clare tells us, with starting her own business being evident as her next advancement in her career. She continues, “I always want my actions to align with my values and there is always the challenge of staying true to those values under intense stress and pressure.” 

And these values are what drew her to UrbanX. “It was really important to me to partner with people that have the same values and that I can rely on to provide the same level of service to our clients and customers… the unique model and value UrbanX provides has always been impressive to me, which is why there was never any other choice”. 

So, how has UrbanX helped Clare turn her dream into reality? “There are so many things that go on in the background to create a new agency and we wouldn’t have been able to produce the agency that we envisioned without their help and guidance. The level of support is just something that I can’t speak more highly of.” 

With Urbanx now empowering Clare Estate Agents to bring their vison into reality, they can now focus on helping buyers secure their piece of paradise. 

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