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Home Grown Properties launches with UrbanX

Niki Meads has left Better Homes for a Better Future with UrbanX, launching Home Grown Properties today.

Commitment to the community is no exaggeration for Gympie’s locally known and trusted real estate agent, Niki Meads. Partnering with UrbanX, she has founded Home Grown Properties to support the flourishing Gympie Region and offer a “more ‘grounded’ and relatable option for clients.” 

Having worked in the franchise model (most recently at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate) she often felt that she was unable to support her clients in her own unique, down-to-earth way. Partnering with UrbanX, Niki can break free and offer Gympie a “real alternative for franchise brands and cosmetic options currently available.” 

“I really wanted to move away from franchise rules and requirements,” Niki tells us, so starting her own business was the way to go. She continues, “Before starting my own brand, I felt the frustrations of working within rules set by other managements. This didn’t always fall into line with my ideas and goals, limiting the options I could present to clients on an individual basis.” 

Being a Gympie local and a great supporter of her community, she supports local business through the process as much as possible – using local suppliers at every opportunity, and her commitment to local support is captured in her brand, “I’m moving away from the traditional corporate look and feel of real estate, offering a more relatable, comfortable option for clients.”   

When asked about the UrbanX approach, Niki informs us that it has eased the pressure of starting her business and that “Working with UrbanX has been wonderful… Knowing everything is in order in the background is very reassuring and I know this won’t change. The knowledge and service UrbanX provide is of the highest standard and certainly what is needed within this industry.”  

So, what does the future look like for Home Grown Properties? “I’m very excited to be moving forward as a business owner and supporting our community as much as I can. I’m committed to the positive progress of our town and now have even more reason to provide input. I’m looking forward to working closely with current and future residents and investors, building lasting relations and being a part of wonderful outcomes.” 

With local connections spanning generations, Home Grown Properties is focused on growing meaningful relationships with clients to ease the stress often felt when buying and selling property, and the partnership with UrbanX empowers Niki and her team to do just that! 

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