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Key takeouts from our keynote speaker: D’Leanne Lewis

Following the key XCON 2022 takeouts from Jason Adcock and Mark Wales, we continue our series with renowned real estate agent and star of Luxe Listings, D’Leanne Lewis.  

Some clear themes appeared from our high performing speakers, and D’Leanne continued on this train of thought: Process. Discipline. Communication.

Below, you’ll get some great practical tips to apply to your real estate business, as well as some great approaches to life outside work.

Takeout #1: Connect with your customer 

 “Customer first. Commission last.” 

Remember, real estate isn’t about selling houses, it’s about building relationships, so don’t put a barrier between yourself and the client (including your listing kit!). 

Having grown up in Sydney’s western suburbs, D’Leanne had to work her way into, and up, the Double Bay market. As an outsider and not a natural networker, she used her ability to connect with people to build her brand. By over communicating and going the extra mile for people she met, she became the connector that people would call for cleaners/builders/gardeners/anything-they-needed and as a result, she stayed front of mind.  

Her advice when meeting a client? Be human, build rapport and get to know them. Don’t go in focused on your end goal, go in with their end goal in mind. This will set you apart from the agents who go in with “commission smile” & “commission breath” (you know the ones!). 

Takeout #2: Communication is everything  

“Connect through communication.” 

While this sounds simple, it’s amazing how many agents don’t deliver on this. Communicate clearly and often. When making an appointment, call the client and confirm the time. Ask if there’s anything specific they’d like to know or discuss that you should bring.  

D’Leanne suggest that you take the approach that you’re “not the boss of the meeting, you’re there to guide and help get the result the client wants.” She continues with her process below: 

  • Schedule your meeting  
  • Follow up with an email introducing yourself and your team, and attach your pre-listing kit.  
  • On the day, personally call to confirm the meeting. If they don’t answer, leave a message and send a text.  
  • Bring an agency agreement but don’t pull out material until rapport is built.  
  • Make a judgement call. If it feels right, sign the agreement that day. 
  • If it doesn’t feel right, tell them you’ll prepare something and make a time on the spot with them.  

And when it comes to negotiation, pick up the phone. You’ll get far more traction negotiating on the phone than over email and get a chance to read the persons initial reaction.  

Takeout #3: You’re always building your network. 

“Every interaction matters.” 

Building on connection, be mindful that every touchpoint is a chance to connect, from client meeting to open homes. Be present and engage, as everyone who observes you and speaks to you is interviewing you to see how you’ll be as an agent.  

You are responsible for building your own personal brand. Everything you do is building your brand. 

Prove yourself at every opportunity. Make the experience about you as a person, not your material goods or accomplishments (however sales records and achievement should be included in your marketing materials). And don’t forget, nothing shows disinterest more than being on your phone when you are talking to someone. 

Your team is an extension of your brand. Find the right people for you, and make sure you align on values and work ethic.  

D’Leanne’s tips on hiring: 

  • Listen to your instinct, you’ll feel it when you meet someone right.
  • Make quick decisions on the wrong people, if they’re not right let them go.
  • Show leadership, give people the training the need to succeed. Only the best will survive, so give them the best training. 

Takeout 4: Be Disciplined with your database 

 “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.” 

If you don’t have discipline you’ll never succeed.

When it comes to your database, enter the details of each call as soon as possible after. Make sure your database is up to date and shared with the team.  

Every conversation should be entered. This helps with sales and relationship building, but also protects you from negativity or incorrect claims someone may have about your service. If you send something, document it. If someone is rude, document it. Every interaction you have, document it. 

Takeout 5: Be consistent with your approach 

“Today’s actions set you up for tomorrow’s success.” 

This is great advice that applies to both work and life.  

In relation to work, you shouldn’t change how you work based on the market. Be consistent in what you do, work the same hours, and your method should be the same no matter what. Make the calls, work your database, do everything that needs to be done.  

Follow process, have discipline, and know when you’re not doing what you should be doing. Do the difficult calls first, pre-load the day, and you’ll maintain your work-life balance.  

Personally, ensure you look after yourself. When you feel good about yourself, things will come. As D’Leanne put it. “It’s not about the survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the nurtured.”  

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