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Walker & Rigby launches on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

A Sunshine Coast team of three to has capitalised on over 40 years of real estate experience and launched their own business, Walker & Rigby powered by UrbanX. 

It was the opportunity to take the next step in their career and build something they are proud of that motivated Sam Walker, Warren Walker, and James Rigby to go out on their own and unlock the power of their own brand. The premium level of support provided by UrbanX, will support them to be able to make their dreams of running their own business a reality and provide amazing service for all their clients. 

“The ease of having them run everything for us makes it much more streamlined and professional than trying to do it all ourselves. UrbanX are a one-stop-shop for everything, which allows us to ensure the entire process runs smoothly and focus on delivering amazing service for our clients.” Sam said. 

As well-known members of the local community, Sam, Warren, and James are excited to be able to leverage their names in their brand and capitalise on the trust they have built over the years in their core market. 

Together, they wanted to launch their own business and the partnership with UrbanX has enabled them to set up the Walker & Rigby business without the hassles, associated with starting a new business. The UrbanX team have been able to support so many high-performing agents to go out on their own and this experience ensured a smooth setup process. 

By launching their own boutique brand, the team will be able to market themselves and build on their reputation on the Sunshine Coast. There is so much competition in the real estate industry and the opportunity to be able to stand out from the crowd under their own brand will help drive the growth of the Walker & Rigby business. UrbanX created a brand for the trio that was exactly what they were looking for, to ensure that they resonate with their target market. 

“We wanted to create a premium coastal brand that aligns with the high-end properties that we sell. Standing out in the market is so important, and the decision to launch a boutique brand means that we can put our names under lights and are so proud to stand behind our brand.” Sam said. 

As the Walker & Rigby brand launches on the Sunshine Coast, we are excited to watch Sam, Warren, and James, make their dreams come to life under their own business and brand.  


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