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Western Sydney duo launch InHaus Estate Agents, motivated to make their own decisions!

Two Western Sydney agents have joined forces, to launch their own business, InHaus Estate Agents, powered by UrbanX. After working under the traditional model, David Perco and Bill Karamanlis were excited by the opportunity to become a part of the real estate revolution and stand out from their competition.

As high-performing agents, they had become frustrated with all the rules and restrictions that were associated with working under the traditional model. Like many successful agents in the industry, outdated systems and agency rules continually slowed them down.

After working in the industry for 12 years, David Perco understands the industry has changed and has seen it first-hand. In his previous role, he was always coming up with innovative ideas about how he could stand out from his competition but always struggled to execute quickly due to the approval process that was in place.

“My biggest pain point working with a major network was not being able to implement my own ideas, without having to seek approval from the “lords” above!” David said.

After speaking with UrbanX, David and Bill were excited to go out on their own for a number of reasons. With years of experience, and a reputation in their local area, the duo knew it was time to move away from the traditional model and do things differently. The partnership provides the InHaus team with the ongoing support and technology to be able to run their business the way they want without restrictions.

“After speaking with the team, it was the energy and the technology provided that excited us the most. The entire team wants to see you succeed, from Dan all the way down and their passion makes you feel like a winner straight away, which is very exciting.”

By working for themselves, they knew they would be making all the decisions, and it would enable them to be able to provide an even better service to their clients while providing the vendors the comfort of knowing they are dealing with a director of the business.

“It’s an amazing feeling knowing that when we are in a listing presentation or speaking to a vendor, that we can make the decisions on the spot, without having to get approval or saying “I’ll have to get back to you”.

The InHaus brand was designed to be different, and after working for big franchises, they knew they wanted to be different, and the brand was designed by the UrbanX team to stand out.

“Our aim was to be different because we didn’t want to be just another blue, red, or yellow brand. Our new brand will enable us to stand out from our competition and help us to grow our brand in Western Sydney.”

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