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Meet the UrbanX Team: Tenika Davies

Name: Tenika Davies

What is your role at UrbanX?

In my role as a Business Manager, I work closely with our New South Wales and Victorian agent partners to support them in running their businesses, while ensuring that we are providing the best service available. In my role, I really enjoy being able to support my partners to grow their business and it is really rewarding.

How long have you been at UrbanX?

I’ve worked a UrbanX for 18 months. It has been so exciting to be a part of a high-growth business.

What do you enjoy about working at UrbanX?

I love being able to support the growth of my agent partners and bring new, innovative ideas to their businesses. On top of this support, I have been able to grow professionally, by learning from such a high-performing team.

What did you do before UrbanX?

Before I worked at UrbanX I was an EA for a property developer in Brisbane, and previously to that role that I worked for the leading UK real estate franchise, Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward while I was living in London.

What is your favourite UrbanX Memory?

I’ve had so many amazing memories while I have been working at UrbanX. However, the one that really stands out was when the team took part in a yoga class while surrounded by goats.

Fun Fact?

A fun fact about me is that I spent some time overseas, living and working overseas in London.

What is your favourite place that you have been to?

My favourite place that I have been to is Positano, Italy. It is such a beautiful part of the world.