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Franchise owner leaves the traditional model to start his own brand!

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Manly franchise owner, Marc Sorrentino has made the decision to leave the traditional model and launch his own brand, Sorrentino Property powered by UrbanX. After working under the franchise model for his entire career, Marc has made the decision to launch his own business and leverage his name in his local area. 

As an attraction agent, Marc has worked hard over the last 20 years to grow his personal brand and reputation in the area, by providing outstanding service for all of his clients, while also being an active member of the local community, supporting a number of charities and community initiatives. 

The decision to launch his own business was the natural progression. As a franchise owner and principal, he still faced the same challenges as all agents while working under the franchise model. After growing the brand in the local area, Marc started to see other agents, from different offices leveraging off his hard work and success in the area. 

 “Working under my own brand and the Sorrentino name, I know that no one else will be able to benefit from my hard work and I know that I will see 100% of the results from all of my marketing. My brand will stand out on and it will be clear which listings are mine and my success in the area. At the end of the day, it’s my hard work so I should be the one that benefits from it. In recent months, I’ve spoken with a number of sellers who thought they had listed with my office, only to find out that they had listed with an agent from outside the area, from the same franchise, but from a different office.” 

He is excited about taking his career to the next level under his own brand and the partnership with UrbanX has given him the opportunity to run his own business and market himself, how he has always wanted to. 

“Under a franchise, everything is done the same way. All of the marketing looks the same and there isn’t the ability to do things differently. The partnership with UrbanX allows me to market my own brand the way I’ve always wanted to and to stand out from my competition.” 

“UrbanX has completely blown me away. The team are extremely switched on and have been eager to help me on every step of the journey so far. When I speak to them, I can sense the passion they have and it’s clear that they love what they do. The support has been amazing.” 

Marc believes that the UrbanX offering is a great solution for business owners and agents to launch their own business because of the level of support they provide. 

“As the industry shifts away from big offices with 20 or more agents to boutique agencies with small teams, the UrbanX platform is the perfect solution.” 

There will be a lot of principals sitting in their offices at the moment, who aren’t happy with the support they are receiving from their franchise, and know that they could be doing things better. UrbanX provides the support for business owners to think differently about how they run their business. They provide all of the backend support they require, so that they can focus on growing business and brand.” 

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