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Case Study: 314% growth in the first 8 months for Boettchers Estate Agents

After launching his own business powered by UrbanX, high performing Ipswich agent Adam Boettcher has been able to take his career to the next level, growing his business 314% in his first 8 months. 

The Boettchers Estate Agents team have been able to scale their business quickly and with the addition of more team members, they have been able to unlock the power of their own brand in the Ipswich area, with more signboards delivering more inbound enquiry and establishing them quickly in the local market. 

Adam understands the power of having a partner like UrbanX, because of how it enables him and his team to be able to focus primarily on listing and selling without all of the hassles of the backend administration. 

To find out all about the Boettchers Estate Agents success and their partnership with UrbanX, watch the full case study!