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Case Study: How to grow you business 560% like Remy Durieux

When Remy Durieux made the decision to launch Remy’s Real Estate powered by UrbanX, he was excited to be his own boss and build his brand. Although he was nervous about going out on his own, he knew it was the right decision for him both personally and professionally. 

After growing his business 560% in his first year with UrbanX and selling over 90 properties in 2021, it has been the best decision he could have made for his career. He has been able to make his dreams a reality and do so with the backend  support of the UrbanX team, giving him more time to spend with his new family. 

By working under his own brand and establishing himself in the local Carina market, Remy has been able to leverage the Remy’s Real Estate brand and grow his business to a point he only ever imagined. 

Watch the full video to find out more about Remy’s amazing growth story. 

Are you ready to be your own boss and build you own brand? Take the next step in your career today and make 2022 the year for YOU!