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$13M in sales and 25 new listings for Bayside Property Agents in 2nd month with UrbanX

For any agent that is thinking about starting their own business, there is always a fear about losing momentum.  

Negative thoughts arise like; will people list with me under my own brand? Will I be able to list as many properties as before? 

The answer is YES!  

After launching their own brand, Bayside Property Agents has had an incredible second month, unlocking the power of their own brand. High-performing agents Luke Humphrys and David Pearce have sold over $13M worth of property and listed an additional 25 new properties in November, two months after starting their own business! 

They have been able to market themselves the way they want, with the support of the UrbanX marketing team, using creativity and initiative to stand out from their competition. 

These incredible results will provide a platform for them to continue to grow their business and increase these numbers month on month as their brand continues to gain momentum in the local market. 

The first campaign working with the marketing team from UrbanX has delivered amazing results. So far there have been a total of 33 leads, with a potential value of $825,000 for their business, removing the pressure from coming up with additional digital campaigns and allowing them to focus on listing and selling!

“The Marketing Team at UrbanX have benefited our business way more than I ever expected. 

Luke and I have always been big believers in marketing, but their expertise and guidance takes lead creation to a whole new level.  

The campaigns they have built on our behalf have opened up doors we would never have even attempted to go through or approach.  

To have that many leads generated in just 3 weeks and for such a significant number to be genuine sellers is game changing.” 

“We have been able to work closely with Luke and David to ensure that we are able to drive creative campaigns that keep them top of mind in the community. By developing a go to market strategy with them, it is a great starting point. They have implemented our ideas, as well as their own individual plans and this is a real recipe for success.” said Alex McHugh, Digital Marketing Xpert at UrbanX. 

As a business UrbanX is here to support high-performing agents to start their own business and build their brand. The marketing team at UrbanX provides in house marketing support for agent partners to help them to turn their ideas into a reality.  

Having worked with all our agent partners, the UrbanX team knows what works best, and they assist all new businesses on the platform with their launch and ongoing marketing campaigns. Bayside have implemented this strategy as a baseline and then by adding to it, have been able to see such amazing success. 

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