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Bayside’s Top Agents Ditch Franchise & Start New Brand

Luke Humphrys and David Pearce have established themselves as the Bayside’s top agents, because of the different approach they bring to real estate and their creativity when marketing properties. Their success in the local area, and the power of their personal brands, has inspired them to launch Bayside Property Agents powered by UrbanX. 

Luke first moved into real estate after he saw a huge gap in the market when buying and selling property. “When I was going through the process, the level of service just wasn’t what I expected. I saw a huge gap in the market, and this motivated me to get into the industry, treat people with respect, and use my previous experience to showcase properties through exceptional digital marketing strategies.” 

After working for the police in London, David made the transition into the real estate industry when he moved to Australia three and a half years ago, quickly becoming one of the top agents in the area. 

Luke and David established themselves as the go-to agents in the Bayside region and their clients were listing with them, not because of who they worked for, but because of the results they were achieving. This motivated them to make the change and move away from the franchise model.  “We saw the benefit of building a brand for the future and felt that working for a franchise wasn’t the best way for us to continue to grow. The industry is changing and we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement.” Luke said.  

UrbanX provided the perfect platform to launch our business and after talking to Dan Argent (UrbanX CEO) they realised it was definitely the right decision. David said “UrbanX was the premium platform we were looking for, to help us launch our brand and manage all the backend of our business. It also allows us run our business the way we want and have the freedom to make our own decisions in everything we do.”  

Establishing a localised brand was very important to Luke and David, and the UrbanX team were able to create a premium brand, exactly how they imagined it. “We are both so passionate about the Bayside region and by working under the Bayside Property Agents brand, we are able to create our own local business in an area that we both live and breathe.” 

Since starting their brand, Luke and David haven’t looked back. Launching to market with 19 listings, they are blown away by what they have been able to achieve in such a short amount of time with the support of the team at UrbanX. 

David said “It’s a service culture instead of a permission culture. They work with us, to help us achieve what we want to, which is very different to constantly asking for permission to do things.” 

David explains that the service has been exceptional throughout the whole process “UrbanX would have to be the best company I’ve ever dealt with. Not just in real estate, but across the board.”  

“This is the first time I’ve worked with someone who has been able to move at the same pace as us. It is so refreshing!” Luke said. 

This is only the beginning for Bayside Property Agents, and after a strong start, they are excited to dominate the Bayside region. 

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