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Don’t Start 2022 With Regrets

The end of the year is usually a slow period for many businesses and real estate is no different.

Some use it as a time to stop and reflect on the year that was. Others use it to finish anything that is outstanding and clear the to-do list before the new year.

As buyers and sellers become busy with end-of-year festivities, it could present an opportunity to down tools and wait for the new year to come around.


It presents the perfect opportunity to do everything you can to turn January into a huge month.

Capitalise on your competition taking their foot off the accelerator and set yourself up for success.

It presents a time to drive new listings, grow your database and establish yourself as the go-to agent in your local area, so when sellers are thinking about moving in the new year, there is no one else to choose but you.

As a high-performing agent, everyone knows who you are.

Whether it is through your success in the area, marketing or referrals from your clients, people are listing with you, not the brand you work for.

People list with people and that is why the end of the year is the perfect opportunity for you to launch your own business.

Use the downtime to create your own personal brand, market your new business, build awareness in your local area and generate listings for you to hit the ground running in January.

There is no better time than now, to reach out to UrbanX and start the six-week onboarding process, so you can launch your new business in January.

Make the most of the quietest time of the year to build your own business to make 2022, the year you earn more, keep more of your commission and live more.

There are so many benefits of launching a new business in the new year and there is no better time to do it.

It allows you to start the new year fresh and give yourself a full year to maximise your earning potential by working for yourself.

Use the December downtime as your transition period, so you can do all of your planning and business development over a quiet period, so you don’t have to step away from a hot market during the year.

It makes sense to use the Christmas period to your advantage.

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