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UrbanX Celebrates 2nd Birthday by Cracking $1B in Sales!

UrbanX, the real estate platform empowering Australia’s high-performing agents to start their own business celebrated its second birthday, and what a year of growth it has been! 

Over the last year there has been phenomenal growth for UrbanX and all their partners on the platform. “This year, our partners have sold a total of 1,462 properties, with a total of $1.13B in sales, but the number we are most excited about is that we have distributed $23,435,844 commission to our partners. This is really important to us because of how much franchises and traditional agencies are taking away from agents, and we are helping our partners not only earn more, but keep more of their commission.” UrbanX CEO Dan Argent said. 

Over the last two years, UrbanX have been able to work with their partners, to assist them to move away from the franchise model and launch their own businesses without having to worry about the time-consuming tasks of running a business, such as trust accounting, listing and selling administration as well as payroll. 

The ongoing success of the platform has been driven through the end-to-end support provided for their partners, taking away all the time-consuming business tasks so they can focus on growing their business, through listing and selling more property. As a business they always strive to go over and above for their clients and provide a premium level of service. “This year we have really been able to work hard on what it means to go over and above on service. For us it is having our service rated 11/10 in our partners satisfaction surveys and we are excited to say that this year, our service has been rated 11/10 from our partners 98% of the time, which is something we are very proud of.” UrbanX COO Steph Kong said. 

By handling all the time-consuming tasks that generally take up time outside work, this frees up valuable time for their partners to be able to live more. Improving the work-life balance for partners on the UrbanX platform is something that is very important to Dan Argent and it is something that is very rare in the real estate industry. “Last week I was speaking to one of our partners who has a family. He said that being with UrbanX and having the extra time has allowed him to “be a dad again” and spend far more time with his child. By working from home and not having to worry about all the backend of running a business, he has been able to have the time to spend with his family. For me, this is exactly what we are helping agents to do. Earn More, Keep More and Live more. This is the feedback I love hearing from our clients.” Dan Argent said 

As the industry continues to transform and innovate, UrbanX is excited to continue to empower agents who want to do things differently, to be able to start their own business without the struggles of running a business.  

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