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Brothers Break The Old Business Model

Brothers Harry and Julian Gale have spent most of their lives living under the same roof. It’s that brotherly bond of support and healthy competition that’s seen them establish careers as the go-to agents in Brisbane’s western suburbs.

But the blood ties are now even stronger with the launch of their own business, Gale & Co, powered by UrbanX.

Harry said their old agency was a great place to start, but their goal was to have their own business, although they weren’t initially certain what it would look like.

“We thought about a few options – other franchises and that sort of thing – but we’d also been looking at UrbanX for a while and decided to have a chat with them,” Harry said.

Harry explained it was a turning point for the brothers, interested in the opportunity to be their own boss and keep more commission.

“Having that UrbanX structure where they take care of absolutely everything so we can focus on the important tasks like lead generation, listing and selling makes a lot of sense,” Harry said.

Best of all, any fears they had about generating business as an independent agency were put to rest in the first fortnight.

“We opened two and a half weeks ago, and honestly, the number of referrals has been astounding. Our first couple of listings settle this week,” Harry recalled.

“People keep saying that it didn’t matter where we worked, they just want to deal with us. And we didn’t really know that until we decided to make the move.”

Harry said they’re excited about what is ahead.

Harry and Julian recommended UrbanX to other agents eager to have their own business.

“They give you a framework on how to start your own business and what you need to do. If you just follow and trust that process, it works,” Harry said.


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