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Changing lanes: How Alison Euler started her own real estate business

From working in local political offices to global executive companies, newly-minted business owner Alison Euler has a wealth of experience to draw on.

This month marks another professional highlight with the launch of her biggest venture yet, Alison Euler Properties in the inner-north suburbs of Brisbane.

After already experiencing such high-pressure roles, Ms Euler believed her decision to enter the world of real estate 12 years ago was a natural fit.

“I originally started as a sales consultant at a national brand, and I think that was a great training ground for new and green agents,” Ms Euler said.

“But after five years, I was really looking to hone my skills further and took up an offer from another major agency.”

Ms Euler explained the move was about being challenged and always evolving as a professional.

“I was looking for new growth. I felt the new agency at that time represented where I was heading,” she said.

Ms Euler eventually felt there was room to vastly improve the service she could present, and it was time for the next level in delivering a premium result for the local area.

“I’ve always wanted to offer the highest possible service and when you’re in a franchise at my level you can feel somewhat restricted,” she said.

“There is much more to delivering great outcomes than pushing a big brand.”

Ms Euler said she’d had dreams of starting her own brand before, but the logistics put her off.

“There’s just so much to consider starting a business, and doing things on your own is daunting,” Ms Euler said.

However, she had been following the UrbanX story and knew their platform of back-end administration and marketing support would help her open the doors on Alison Euler Properties.

“That’s what I liked about what [UrbanX CEO] Dan Argent offered. It took everything that made it seem impossible and made it all possible.

“Talking with Dan filled me with a lot of confidence. He was inspiring, to be honest. I think what he’s come up with is an incredible business model.”

Now, with her own business underway, it’s an exciting time for Ms Euler. She said her core fundamentals of treating others with decency and respect are foundational to the new venture.

“I’m a person of integrity – I’m a woman of my word,” Ms Euler said.

“I want to give sellers a real personal approach, not just listing a home and throwing it onto some new associate and never seeing the seller again. I like overseeing every marketing campaign. I want to go above and beyond in providing an exceptional service.

“I also want the selling process to be a really positive journey for my clients.

“This is also how you build networks and relationships in the industry – by providing great service. And that brings more referrals, listings and past clients back to you.”

Ms Euler added she was excited about the next six months where she’ll get to establish and grow her brand. She said it will be a chance to put runs on the board and build momentum – a launchpad for future growth.

Ms Euler said, particularly for established agents with great profiles, UrbanX is the opportunity to further raise a profile and build a trusted local brand of your own.

“Top end agents are pretty much running their own business already, so it makes perfect sense. I found the UrbanX experience to be nothing but positive – they’ve been fantastic,” Ms Euler said.