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How a change of pace led to $4.5m of sales in one week

For this Shellharbour and Kiama-based agent, a move towards a more specialised agency is paying off in spades.


Mark Spinelli first began his own name-branded agency back in 2013, but by 2019 felt it was time to evolve.

Acknowledging his growing passion for marketing development sites, off-the-plan sales and prestige homes, Mr Spinelli decided to develop his own specialist agency in which he could focus that energy.

In a bid to better capitalise on his chosen niche, Mr Spinelli came up with Innovate Property Group, with the agent hopeful that the venture will enable him to become the number one agent in his field.

Within a week of trading, Mr Spinelli has already ticked over $4.5 million in sales — well on his way to fulfil his agency goals.

It was during the planning stage that the agent aligned himself with UrbanX.

According to Mr Spinelli, with UrbanX’s help ​and by concentrating on his niche of luxury homes and project marketing and sales, “Innovate Property Group are on track to be the standout local-area agency in their specialty field”.

He said: “It’s like you get five employees for the price of one — someone looks after marketing, someone looks after listings, someone looks after invoices, someone looks after the contracts and then you get an assistant you can talk to any time.

“It’s only early days, but I can already see how much easier and smoother life’s going to be.

“With UrbanX, we could easily do double the business we we’re doing before… and that’s after me working for seven years in my own business.”

Conceding that “you can’t do everything”, the owner of Innovate Property Group said that in his new venture, he can “just focus on looking after clients, finding projects and helping people who are selling beautiful homes”.