Who we are

UrbanX is defining a new era of agents.

At UrbanX, we believe the traditional model of agents working for agencies, and giving away half their commission, is dead. So, we decided to revolutionise the real estate industry and do it better!

Designed exclusively for high-performing agents, UrbanX offers a premium platform to be your own boss, build your own brand, earn more commission and keep more of it, while having more time so you can live your life. Whether that means more time to list & sell more properties, or to have more time with your family & friends – the choice is yours.

Co-founder and CEO of UrbanX, Dan Argent knows the struggles of being a high-performing agent and running his own agency. He has taken his industry experience over the last 17 years; both as an agent and a business owner and used them to build UrbanX into a premium offering to help you have the best of both worlds – work for yourself but without having to do everything yourself.

As your all-in-one partner, UrbanX will unlock your potential, and empower you to stand out from the crowd. Led by co-founders Steph Kong & Gayle Williams, our team of real estate professionals will take care of everything behind the scenes in your business including listing & contract administration, branding & marketing, accounts, payroll & trust accounting, training & development, and software & IT. Simply put, you sell the houses, and we’ll do the rest.

UrbanX has built a thriving community of Australia’s best agents who are unlocking their potential, and in turn, revolutionising the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your career to the next level. Have your own business and your own brand with the support of Australia’s exclusive platform for high-performing agents. Together, let’s make real estate better.

Meet your team

Our team is built from experience in the field. Professionals in taking all the boring BS out of your day so you can focus on selling more.

Dan About Us

Dan Argent

Chief Energy Officer (CEO)
& Co-Founder

Steph About Us

Stephanie Kong

Chief Operating Officer
& Co-Founder

Gayle About Us

Gayle Williams

Chief Financial Officer
& Co-Founder

Gordon About Us

Gordon Tan

Chief Technology Officer

Gerry About Us

Gerry Mezzina

Chief Marketing Officer

Sophie About Us

Sophie Gilboy

General Manager

Jacob Staff Photo (1)

Jacob Davidson

Head of Marketing

Tess Staff Photo

Tenika Davies

Lead Business Manager

Natalia About Us

Natalia Oriti-Woolley

Business Manager

Marisa About Us

Marisa Romeo

Business Manager

Tess Staff Photo (2)

Jana Hleis

Business Manager

Kara About Us

Kara Kellythorn

Launch Manager

Steve About Us

Steve Rollings

Director of Growth

Tess Staff Photo (3)

Matt Ncube

Director of Growth

Tess Staff Photo

Tessa Kesbah

Marketing Manager

Mary About Us

Marie Auv

Marketing Manager

Jess Neilson About Us

Jess Nielson

Senior Graphic Designer