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A new path decided in days: Top Redcliffe Peninsula Agent launches namesake agency.

Taking the next step in an established career came quickly for Heather Murray. She thought about building her own brand, and in a matter of days she got to work. Now, in partnership with UrbanX, she’s excited to unveil Heather Murray Realty.


Heather’s passion for guiding clients through life’s transitions has shaped her 17-year journey in the industry and it’s the people she meets that drives her.


“I know it’s cliche, but helping people move on with their lives, whether moving into a larger home or a smaller one, I love the journey,” she says. “Looking after clients who need extra help is my specialty,” particularly noting her expertise in assisting seniors with patience and care.


Having entered the real estate industry in 2008, Heather brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to her clients’ needs. “Being flexible with my clients, working to their timetable,” she cites as one of the most rewarding aspects of her role.


When discussing the decision to back herself, she said it was straightforward. “Essentially, I have been running my own business all this time,” she reflects on her time working as a contractor under her previous brand, highlighting her swift decision to branch out.


Her new brand is an extension of herself. “It’s warm yet professional, and unique like me! My sign boards are unique and stand out on the properties I’m selling… my clients will have the same high level of service they have come to expect of me, and as one of my sellers told me, ‘the only thing that has changed is the sign out front’.”


Partnering with UrbanX was a strategic move for Heather, driven by a desire for continued growth and enhanced support. “After review of other platforms, UrbanX stood out and suited me best,” she explains, “and it frees me up to continue to do exactly as I have been doing,” emphasising her commitment to turning clients into lifelong friends.


For agents contemplating a similar journey, Heather offers this advice: “Make sure you are able to read people… I know a few agents who are more interested in the property than the sellers and it just doesn’t work that way.” It’s a principle she has embraced throughout her career, ensuring that every interaction reflects her warmth, professionalism, and dedication to her clients’ best interests.


Heather Murray Realty stands poised to redefine real estate service, guided by Heather’s unwavering dedication and commitment to client satisfaction.

Visit the Heather Murray Realty Website here.

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