What We Do

The days of Australia’s high-performing real estate agents working for box-brand franchises are over.

Why give away half of your hard-earned commission to somebody who does none of the work and offers precious little support?

At UrbanX, we know the most significant factor in a successful sale is you – the agent.

Sellers do not care about shopfronts. They want a local expert who understands the market, can attract buyers to their property, and can secure the best possible price, regardless of who they work for.

In other words, they’re signing up with agents, not agencies. So, why should your skills and experience be used to build someone else’s brand?

At UrbanX, we have the tools and support to help agents break free of the old-school franchise model, and build their own business where they’re in control of their professional and financial future.

That’s right – your own brand where you dictate how best to operate while multiplying your income.

Best of all, UrbanX looks after all the boring, but necessary stuff, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – Selling Real Estate.

Our Services Include

Training and Coaching

The ‘X’ in UrbanX stands for growth – and we’re here to accelerate yours through assistance and education. We’ve already helped agents grow from $500,000 to $1.5 million in GCI. Our founder, Dan Argent will personally work with you one-on-one every month to create and implement a business plan for success. Our support includes ongoing accountability & coaching to ensure you’re achieving your goals. In addition, we host regular inspiration and guidance sessions – such as our regular speaker series, where Dan interview successful agents from around Australia so you can learn from the industry’s premium talent.


Our Agent Concierge team provides end-to-end support from listing the property through to launching it online. We also handle the contract management from sale to settlement, including distributing the paperwork to all stakeholders, managing correspondence, processing settlement, and removing the signboard at the end.


Before potential vendors list their property with you, they need to know you, like you, and trust you. Our Marketing team are here to help you stand out by creating ‘Brand U’ – your own personal brand, including logo, fonts, colours, brand pattern, business cards, signboards, A-frames, flags, presentation folders, brochures, merchandise and everything else you’ll need. We also build and host your own personal website, plus provide ongoing support with social media tiles, email newsletter templates and self-promotion tools. Building your own brand is how you build an attraction business, rather than constantly having to chase for listings.


We handle your Trust Account operations, so all VPA and deposits are taken care of. To make things easier for your clients, they can pay via direct deposit, credit card, ListReady or VPAPay. Our Accounts & Concierge teams ensure you receive all advertising payments before incurring any costs, plus that deposits are paid on time, and all solicitors are notified as needed. And when sales go unconditional, we invoice for your commission, and facilitate payment on settlement which means you get your money immediately, not weeks later.

Software and IT

Everything you need to run your business is provided, including access to our CRM (Rex), Pocket, RP Data, DocuSign, Proply, and RealWorks/REI Forms. Every agency gets their own private database, meaning nobody else can access your data, and you also retain 100% ownership of your data – after all, they’re your contacts! You’ll also get your own personalised email (name@yourdomain.com).

Property Management

If building your own rent roll is part of your plan, our experienced PM support team is here to support you. We’ll handle the ongoing financial management by running the trust account, receipting rent daily, notifying you of arrears, dispersing funds twice-monthly, and emailing statements to your landlords. We also provide the software that you need including PropertyMe & TICA, and telephone support to guide you through those tricky situations. That just leaves you to manage leasing, maintenance, and routine inspections of the properties. Best of all, you retain 100% ownership of the asset you’re building.

Our Fees

Best of all, by partnering with UrbanX, you get all this support for a fraction of the commission you currently hand over to a traditional agency. Our platform allows you to keep between 75-90% of 100% of the sales commission (because there’s no BS franchise fees) while receiving our full suite of services. Best of all – the more commission you earn per year, the more you retain. And with no monthly fixed fees, if you don’t sell, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.


Agents earning $250,000 – 500,000 GCI retain 75%.


Agents earning $500,000 – 1 Million GCI retain 80%.


Agents earning $1 Million – $2 Million GCI retain 85%.


Agents earning $2 Million or more GCI retain 90%.

How much of your commission will you keep at UrbanX?

With a GCI of





Your retained earnings could be $

So why wait. In less than a month, UrbanX can free you from the outdated big-agency cage and help establish your own brand where you earn more, administer less, and become the best agent you can be.

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