Thanks for your interest in UrbanX

When you partner with UrbanX, you retain 100% ownership of your business. However, we take care of EVERYTHING behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best: list & sell properties.

This page goes over everything in detail for you to make sure you’re across everything that we look after. There’s a lot here, because you’ll be getting a lot of support!

“We were in the business 24/7, which wasn’t great for the work-life balance so by joining UrbanX, it was a no-brainer to go on that journey to have more time at home.”

Shannon Smith, Director – Smith & Co

Start and Scale Your Business, Simply.

We take care of all the jobs you hate, so you can focus on listing, selling and repeating
(and we do it with $0 setup costs, $0 monthly fees, so you have 0 risk)


With no up-front costs

You’ll work with our brand and marketing team, and we’ll deliver everything you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Full brand update: Logo, font, brand pattern, style guide, business cards, letterhead, presentation folders
  • Digital suite: New website, email newsletter templates, social media templates
  • Property marketing collateral: Signboards, brochure templates, presentation folders, A-frames, flags, DL’s etc.
  • Brand collateral: Choose from a suite of merchandise

Beautiful. Bespoke. Branding.


We’ll make you front-of-mind

You’ll get monthly support with a digitally led marketing package, designed to grow your brand (just as you have witnessed with our other clients in your region). In fact, on average, our clients grow by 40% in the first year with UrbanX, and 140% in the second year.

  • Marketing strategy: Quarterly campaign creation with your dedicated Marketing Manager
  • Graphic design: Design of your brochures, flyers, and digital assets
  • Marketing execution: Fully managed roll-out of strategy across social media, Google and print
  • We are a Certified Google Partner, which allows us to keep up to date on the most recent trends, updates and XX
  • Quarterly market reports
  • Just listed & just sold DL’s

See some of our Marketing Campaigns across digital and traditional platforms.

Marketing that grabs your attention!


No expense spared (except yours)


Keep all of your customer data in one spot. Including all of your listings and sold properties. Send Emails to your database and more.

RP Data by CoreLogic

Keep up to date on what is happening in the market and access all of the customer data that you might be missing with RP Data – the most important portal for Real Estate Agents.


Let your clients sign all those important documents on the go! With mobile friendly forms that collect digital signatures – all approved by the governing bodies across Australia.

Pocket by REX

Keep your CRM at your fingertips with Pocket by REX App. Available across both Apple and Android products.

REI Forms

Coupled with DocuSign, REI Forms makes sure that you keep all of your forms up to date with the latest versions always available.

Microsoft 365

All the Microsoft products you need to be successful. Including all of your emails in Outlook right in your pocket.


Keep all of your files in the cloud with your own secure digital server powered by Egnyte.

Website Hosting

Let us take care of this stressful piece that powers your online marketing. You’ll know it’s there but never have to worry about it!


Bye-Bye back-end tasks

We free up your time to focus on the work that matters. Our experienced Agent Concierge team handle your listing & sale administration from start to finish for you, including:

  • Preparation & processing of Form 6’s
  • Managing VPA – funds & marketing collateral
  • Loading the property onto the real estate portals, as well as your website
  • Ordering of signboards, brochures, DL’s, etc.

Once a sale is completed, our team handles the transaction through until settlement, including:

  • Preparation & processing of the Contract of Sale
  • Managing the correspondence with all parties
  • Invoicing for your commission
  • Processing settlement
  • Removing the signboard, and moving the property to the sold section on REA, Domain, and your website.


Fully managed trust accounting

You don’t need a trust account (or the headaches that managing one creates). Our Accounts team run the  Trust Account, so all VPA and deposits are managed by us. Your clients can pay via direct deposit, credit card, Campaign Agent’s  VPA Pay or MoneyMe’s  ListReady solutions.

With deposits, our Accounts Team work closely with our Administration team to ensure:

  • Your buyers pay their deposits on time
  • All solicitors are notified.

Then, when your sales go unconditional, our accounts team:

  • Invoice for your commission on your behalf
  • Process your settlements.


The more you learn, the more you earn

You’ll get access to award-winning training every month, including webinars and seminars tailored to you, plus you can learn from our network of high-achieving agents. In fact, we’ve recently been named as finalists in the REB Awards for having the best Training & Education Program in the industry. You can view some of our recent sessions with Australia’s top agents below:

Nick Renna

Adrian Oddi & Bresic Whitney

Alex Jordan

See how much money you’re losing every year based on your GCI

The Numbers Don’t Lie.
how much more you could be making by building your own brand.

(note: UrbanX only partner with agents making $250,000+ GCI)

UrbanX only partners with agents with a minimum $250000 GCI per year

If you stay where you are

$ GCI after Franchise takes their cut
Your income after the Agency takes more from you
Yearly income you’re being robbed of

When you move forward with UrbanX

$ GCI with UrbanX (no head office fees)
% GCI you keep with UrbanX
Your income with UrbanX
Increase of yearly income
If you stay where you are, you're losing:
When you partner with UrbanX, you'll make:

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some common questions we get asked
(and don’t worry, you’ll be joining over 170 elite agents who had the same questions who are now thriving!)

Do I need my full licence?

Yes, but if you don’t have it yet, it’s possible to upgrade, and we can put you in touch with people that can help.

Am I locked in?

No, we don’t have locked in contracts.

Do I need money to start?

No, there are no big setup costs or ongoing monthly costs. You’ll simply be doing what you’re already doing, listing & selling, but for yourself.

Do I need an office?

No, you can get an office, or work from home, whatever you prefer. Gone are the days when buyers come to the office anyway, so why do you need an expensive shopfront?

Do I operate under the UrbanX brand?

No, UrbanX is a white-label platform, so you will get your own completely unique & boutique brand. This is finally your chance to market yourself, not a generic agency or franchise brand.

What if I fail?

It’s extremely unlikely!

The key to remember is that you’ll simply be doing what you’re already doing now – listing & selling. People list with people, not your agency, and that won’t change. We have never seen a top performing agent fail when they start their own business; in fact we see an average growth of 40% in the first year, and 140% in the second year.

Why UrbanX?

We’ve built our entire business to support high performing agents just like you… and that’s all we do. We’re the pioneers of this new way to do real estate, have a team of over 75 professionals to support you.

We don’t work with anyone, instead focusing only on elite agents, so you’ll be in great company and learning from a network of Australia’s best real estate agents.

And, as a final note, you’ll be joining Australia’s 24th Fastest Growing new company, as listed by The Australian Financial Review Fast Starters 2022 – we’ll continue to evolve and innovate to make sure you’re always at the top of your game.

What A Few Of Our 170 Partners Have To Say

I've gone from $50 to $4million
The commission structure UrbanX offers has been tremendous in helping us reach our goals in business and personally in under 2 years. There is so much freedom in that. I wish I'd done it sooner.
Clinton Eastell

Director - Eastell & Co.

It’s been a game changer for my family
UrbanX gave me the confidence to go out on my own. I still get a buzz driving past my signs and knowing that's my brand. It's given me a whole new lease of enthusiasm for the industry.
Lyndall Allan

Director - Salt Property

The Perfect Partnership
UrbanX are hungry for success and everything they do is very professional. As a business, they have been able to achieve success quickly, and their goals align closely with ours, which is really important in a partnership.
Reece Thompson

Director - Thompson & Clarke

If you’ve made it this far, you’re interested. Get in touch with me below or book a meeting directly in my calendar.