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Your Phone Is Your Office

BlockBuster had stores in every suburb until Netflix showed them who’s who in the ZOO. The cycle is repeating itself, but now with the Real Estate Industry.

You don’t bring clients to the office anymore. Why would you?

Good agents go to the client’s house (since you are trying to sell it anyway, right?).

UrbanX - Real Estate Professionals
UrbanX - Real Estate Professionals

Stop paying for facilities through your commission cheque that you don’t even need.

Work from home, a cafe or on the go, or use our meeting rooms if you need to hold more formal meetings.

Got a team?
Rent your own office space.
The choice is yours.

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We’re all about U

Brand U

Create your own personalised brand in collaboration with our in-house design team. U are your brand – people list with people, not agencies. Have your own signboards, business cards, website, plus more.

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More for U

U do the work, so U come first. Keep up to 90% of your GCI (of 100% because there’s no BS franchise fees) before anyone else dips their fingers into the cookie jar. Because U deserve more.

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Better for U

Comprehensive admin support, marketing, training & coaching, and trust account. Plus full access to our CRM with RiTA AI, RP Data, PriceFinder, DocuSign, Homepass & everything else you need.

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This is the future

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Either way, you’ll end up at UrbanX.

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