HANAN: 3 months in & $20 Million worth of property sold.

 “Running my own business has really helped me become results driven. That’s my name on the Sign right? It’s really helped me up my game and brought on another sense of responsibility.”

Hanan Cawley, Director – HANAN

$20 Million worth of property in just 3 months. Hanan isn’t foreign to the concept of selling a lot of property. However, with the advantage of having his own brand along with building his own legacy gives him a sense of responsibility to himself and his clients. After years of building his profile in a franchise setting Hanan talks about the following after launching and being powered by UrbanX:

  1. The pride in his branding
  2. His success since launch
  3. The support from his clients once he launched
  4. All the extra money he is making compared to working for a franchise
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So why do agents like Hanan Cawley choose to build a brand in partnership with UrbanX?

  1. The Support
    • We look after all the administrative tasks that you hate doing
    • We build the best Real Estate brands and have the track record to prove it. Building a brand unique to you gives you the upper hand when people start thinking about which Real Estate Agency to engage
    • Marketing that drives growth. As a Google Certified Partner we have deep knowledge of the digital marketing space that none of our competition compares to.
  2. The Freedom
    • We place the keys in your hands to run your business with complete freedom. From out of the box marketing campaigns through to the way you prospect, you’re in the drivers seat
    • With our added support, you’re free to spend more time on the things that matter most, both in business and in your personal life.
  3. The Extra Money
    • Keeping up to 90% of GCI has changed the lives of every single one of our existing partners
    • Without having to manage all the backend of your business, you are free to focus on the things that drive income opposed to working on the mundane tasks.

What you get with us

Silver Partner

$250,000 – $500,000 GCI

Keep 75% of your GCI.

Gold Partner

$500,000 – $1 Million GCI

Keep 80% of your GCI.

Platinum Partner

$1 Million – $2 Million GCI

Keep 85% of your GCI.

X Partner

$2 Million+ GCI

Keep 90% of your GCI.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some common questions we get asked
(and don’t worry, you’ll be joining over 170 elite agents who had the same questions who are now thriving!)

Do I need my full licence?

Yes, but if you don’t have it yet, it’s possible to upgrade, and we can put you in touch with people that can help.

Do I need money to start?

No, there are no big setup costs or ongoing monthly costs. You’ll simply be doing what you’re already doing, listing & selling, but for yourself.

Do I need an office?

No, you can get an office, or work from home, whatever you prefer. Gone are the days when buyers come to the office anyway, so why do you need an expensive shopfront?

Do I operate under the UrbanX brand?

No, UrbanX is a white-label platform, so you will get your own completely unique & boutique brand. This is finally your chance to market yourself, not a generic agency or franchise brand.

What if I fail?

It’s extremely unlikely!

The key to remember is that you’ll simply be doing what you’re already doing now – listing & selling. People list with people, not your agency, and that won’t change. We have never seen a top performing agent fail when they start their own business; in fact we see an average growth of 40% in the first year, and 140% in the second year.

Why UrbanX?

We’ve built our entire business to support high performing agents just like you… and that’s all we do. We’re the pioneers of this new way to do real estate, have a team of over 75 professionals to support you.

We don’t work with anyone, instead focusing only on elite agents, so you’ll be in great company and learning from a network of Australia’s best real estate agents.

And, as a final note, you’ll be joining Australia’s 24th Fastest Growing new company, as listed by The Australian Financial Review Fast Starters 2022 – we’ll continue to evolve and innovate to make sure you’re always at the top of your game.

What A Few Of Our Partners Have To Say

I've gone from $50 to $4million thanks to UrbanX
The commission structure UrbanX offers has been tremendous in helping us reach our goals in business and personally. There is so much freedom in that, and I wish I'd done it sooner.
Clinton Eastell

Director - Eastell & Co.

Couldn’t have done it with anyone else!
UrbanX was the most suitable. Their entire team seem very client-focused and humble in their approach. We spoke to 15 other UrbanX partners who all said: Do it! It’s the best decision we have made as a business!
Sam Taylor & Beau Hedley

Directors - TaylorHedley

The Perfect Partnership
UrbanX are hungry for success and everything they do is very professional. As a business, they have been able to achieve success quickly, and their goals align closely with ours, which is really important in a partnership.
Reece Thompson

Director - Thompson & Clarke

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