How Clinton Eastell went from $50 to his name to over $4 million (in under 2 years)

Just like you, Clinton Eastell was working for someone else before a moment of clarity changed his life forever. With every sale he made, he couldn’t help but wonder why so much of his income was being taken from him, ultimately holding him back from achieving what drew him to real estate – financial freedom.

On Australia Day, 2020, Clinton was invited to a function hosted by UrbanX and spent his last $50 on drinks, so not to rock up empty handed. And it was the best decision he’s made.

After the party, he broke free from his franchise and went out on his own, and the results have been life changing. Watch the 3 minute video and learn how Clinton has:

  1. Built his brand and his business
  2. Increased his personal wealth
  3. Leveraged his independence to increase his listings
  4. Taken control of his future & work life balance

What you get with us

Silver Partner

$250,000 – $500,000 GCI

Keep 75% of your GCI.

Gold Partner

$500,000 – $1 Million GCI

Keep 80% of your GCI.

Platinum Partner

$1 Million – $2 Million GCI

Keep 85% of your GCI.

X Partner

$2 Million+ GCI

Keep 90% of your GCI.

So how much are you missing out on?

Find out how much more you should be making with UrbanX
(note: we only partner with agents making $250,000+ GCI)

UrbanX only partners with agents with a minimum $250000 GCI per year

If you stay where you are

$ GCI after Franchise takes their cut
Your income after the Agency takes more from you
Yearly income you’re being robbed of

When you move forward with UrbanX

$ GCI with UrbanX (no head office fees)
% GCI you keep with UrbanX
Your income with UrbanX
Increase of yearly income
If you stay where you are, you're losing:
When you partner with UrbanX, you'll make:

Own Your Business Without Having to Run It

We take care of all the jobs you hate, so you can focus on listing, selling and repeating

Branding & Marketing

Your Brand. Our Help.

  • Brand & Logo Design
  • Branded Stationery
  • Website Design & Development
  • Business Card
  • Email Newsletters
  • Signage & Flags
  • Social Media Setup & Creative
  • Listing Presentation Kit
  • VPA Advertising Kit
  • Property Marketing
  • Brand Marketing Strategy
Accounts & Admin

All the Admin You Need

  • Admin Support
  • Full Property Listing
  • Marketing Administration
  • Contract Administration
  • Invoicing
  • Listing Administration
  • Supplier Management
  • Contract Compliance
  • Campaign Production
  • Trust Account Setup
Software & IT

All The Tools To Succeed

  • Rex CRM
  • Realhub
  • Pocket
  • Cloud based server
  •  Proply
  • Email
  • DocuSign
  • RealWorks
  • REI Forms
  • RP Data
  • Website Hosting
Training & Coaching

Learn From The Best

  • Training Sessions
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Awards
  • Access to Events
Property Management

Property Management Done Properly

  • Financial Management
  • Trust Account Management
  • Rent Receipting
  • Funds Dispersal
  • Software
  • Telephone Support
  • Form Compliance

What A Few Of Our 160 Partners Have To Say

Couldn’t have done it with anyone else!
UrbanX was the most suitable. Their entire team seem very client-focused and humble in their approach. We spoke to 15 other UrbanX partners who all said: Do it! It’s the best decision we have made as a business!
Sam Taylor & Beau Hedley

Directors - TaylorHedley

Marc Sorrentino
My only regret is not doing it sooner
If you’re an agent who’s performing why wouldn’t you do it? With the support of UrbanX I'm more relaxed than before, I'm happier than before, and I'm earning more than I have before.
Marc Sorrentino

Director - Sorrentino Property

The Perfect Partnership
UrbanX are hungry for success and everything they do is very professional. As a business, they have been able to achieve success quickly, and their goals align closely with ours, which is really important in a partnership.
Reece Thompson

Director - Thompson & Clarke

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