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Training & Coaching

Does UrbanX Provide Training For Partners?

Training is one of our key values at UrbanX.

We want to help all of our partners grow and our goal is to give everyone on our platform as much opportunity to learn as we can, especially at the high-performance level. 

We offer all of our partners ongoing training each month, through the UrbanXpress training for all team members and the Directors Club for all the directors and business owners.

Additionally, each year we host two in person YOUniversity events, where we run sessions across the five pillars of success at UrbanX (Health, Wealth, Love, Growth and Contribution) to help everyone on the UrbanX platform to grow in their personal life as well as their professional life.

On top of this, we also run an exclusive leadership retreat for our top performing partners. This two day conference is different to any real estate conference and is designed to help our partners transition from being high performing agents to business leaders and successful managers. 


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