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No longer will agents be restricted by outdated real estate practices.

We empower agents to build and develop their own personal brand on our platform.

Why? Because people list with people, not franchises.

Our expert in-house marketing team will lead you through the process of creating your own brand, allowing your individual style to shine through your new marketing collateral.

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We’re all about U.

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U do the work, so U come first. Keep up to 90% of your GCI (of 100% because there’s no BS franchise fees) before anyone else dips their fingers into the cookie jar. Because U deserve more.

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Better for U

Comprehensive admin support, marketing, training & coaching, and trust account. Plus full access to our CRM with RiTA AI, RP Data, PriceFinder, DocuSign, Homepass & everything else you need.

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Unique as U

Work wherever U want, whenever U want. Work from our co-working hub, the comfort of your own home, or get your own space – the freedom is yours.

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This is the future

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