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Luxon Real Estate are your local, family team of personalised Real Estate Agents, specialising in the sought after, family-friendly suburbs of Western Melbourne.

The team’s personal familiarity with the beautiful, wide green spaces of the the Western Melbourne area; generally only 25 minutes drive to some of the best beaches in the Western Port Philip Bay region, allows us to help open your eyes to the area’s safe, affordable, accessible and spacious family friendly living. Being true locals in the region and having the flexibility as independent operators allows us to immediately identify the areas and properties that would most suit your needs without having to search multiple files or ask for drawn-out corporate viewing permissions.

Luxon’s team are local experts, perfectly placed to help you to explore the very best options for your needs, whatever your family’s priorities and preferences.

With our individual experiences in the area, and ability to adapt big business expertise to an intimate scale, we have created an authoritative agency that knows every possible pitfall to buying or selling a house, whilst staying small enough to care about your individual circumstances, hopes and dreams.

Being local and independent brings boutique-style benefits that are directly passed on to you as the customer through reduced admin, speedy response time, transparency and personalised communication.

We believe that high quality marketing is something that shouldn’t be compromised. Being powered by UrbanX, who employs a team of leading property marketing professionals, ensures that each and every property we list is presented at a consistently high standard. This also allows us to focus on what is most important – you.

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